Why do cats lick each other while playing

Everyone has seen this before: a cat repeatedly licks itself paw and wipes it over his face and ears. It looks too cute and one involuntarily wonders if that is the case with the cleaning can help. Only one wet tongue cleaning without soap and plenty of water does not make a very thorough impression.

Hence the phrase "Cat wash“, Which means quick, not very thorough cleaning.

The Cleaning behavior of cats but it is everything else as superficial.

Cats spend up to daily three and a half hours With personal hygiene. The most important tool is that tongue and saliva.

On the tongue there are many tiny ones Barb, each of which is movable. Who ever of one cat has been licked, knows how rough it is tongue feels. For the Cleaning process this is very practical because the little ticks work like one brush. They help to get matted hair too unravel, Pollution and to remove loose hair.

To her fur in front Wetness and cold to protect many produce Sebum glands of the skin fatthat the cat at Cleaning process spread on the fur to it impregnate and to keep it supple.

The cleaning is used on hot days Thermoregulation. Because cats can hardly sweat and not like dogs theirs Body temperature Regulating via the tongue is achieved through the application of saliva on the body a certain amount Cool by evaporation generated. This is roughly comparable to the evaporation of sweat on our skin.

Most of time clean cats, however after a meal and in front or after sleeping. It takes a Cleaning process sometimes 10-20 minutes.

The cleaning process is carried out in steady, slow movements. Nibbling on is also part of licking evenly matted areas and the Pulling on hairthat grow between the balls of the feet to stimulate the production of the sebum glands. The Cleaning process belongs to Comfort behavior and acts on the cat reassuring.


Cats like to lie in the Sun. Not just because of the warmth, but because sunbathing is healthy! Because got through the sun's rays Vitamin D on the fur of cats. By the Cleaning the cat absorbs the valuable vitamin.

Constant cleaning and bald spots

A cat is cleaning itself noticeably more often than before, this is a Warning sign. The cat may have more stress or there is one organic disorder in front. Perhaps the cats will suffer from Parasites like mites or fleas. Maybe she has one Skin disease or one Fungal infection.

The cat already has bald spots from repeated licking indicates that Pain in this area. A bald stomach can however on on pain in the back Clues. In each of these cases, one should vet the cat thoroughly examine.

Also persistent stress can become one increased cleaning behavior to lead. If the vet has ruled out physical complaints, the root cause for the stress be found and eliminated. Also Diseases and associated pain Stress triggers.

Skipping act

Short one and hecticLick occurs when the cat startled, embarrassed or tense is. It's kind of like scratching our heads. It is a so-called Skipping act.

Shaggy fur in old and sick cats

Old and sick cats come at Cleaning no longer to all parts of the body because the Flexibility decreases and thereby in your agility are restricted. By regular to brush or with a moistened (not wet) washcloth we can treat these cats to the Grooming support.

Longhair cats

Longhair cats can your Head of hair do not take care of yourself adequately. The fur knotted fast and is a Health risk for the cat. For one, you can do very well here Parasites nest, on the other hand, knotted fur quickly leads to it Skin irritationthat turn ignite can. It is understandable that a cat would then neither want to be brushed nor petted.

Therefore, long-haired cats should be applied to all body regions daily brushed become.

Do cats need to be bathed?

Most cats are afraid of water, a bath would not take it voluntarily. If the cat is bathed against its will, we set the cat down massively under stress.

In principle, a cat should only be in absolute emergencyl be bathed if her fur is like that dirty is that they are not themselves clean can or cleaning with the tongue hazardous to health would. e.g. if a poisonous substance has gotten to the fur.

Clean social partners

If one cat is cleaning another is an expression of togetherness and affection. The head, ears and neck are areas that a cat cannot reach. That's why you clean yourself Partner catswho know each other very well and each other trust, each other these parts and thus contribute to the Odor exchange at.

The cleaning movements are there slowly and evenly.

People are also sometimes cleaned as social partners. Just try it out: When your cat is cleaning itself, hold your head up and see if it is being cleaned at the same time :-)

Cleaning as an expression of aggression

Are against it Cleaning movementsfast and hectic and end with Bite in the neck or with a wrestling match, it is less a loving gesture than the one Prelude to a brawl.

In this situation, too, it is exciting to see what the root cause the scuffle is. The offensive cat has it easy Desire to play? Or does she want to drive the other away from a great place? Then it is more of a "Licking away ".

How does it work Partner cat with the attack around? Does she think it's beautiful and join in with enthusiasm? She asks the Partner cat to the Wrestling match on and the roles change also? Then it is Gaming behavior.

However, it always is same Cat the Attacking and if the partner cat suffers from the attacks, action must be taken here as quickly as possible to avoid the Mood between Cats to improve. Because cats that are constantly harassed live in anxiety, Tension and stress and can thereby long term sick become.

Cat advisor and psychologists can handle these situations valuable tips give.

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