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Translation of "my Chinese" in English

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If my chinese is correct, this place is called purgatory.
If my Chinese is correct, this - this place is called Purgatory.
He couldn't speak English and my chinese was terrible.
He didn't speak English, and my Chinese what terrible.
I struggled with myself as my english is worse than my chinese.
I struggled with myself a lot, because my English is worse than my Chinese.
While I was distributing the newspapers, I took this opportunity to my chinese to practice.
Whilst distributing the newspaper, I also used this opportunity to practice my Chinese.
It may be that my chinese is not very sharp and something is wrong!
It may be that my Chinese is not very sharp and something is wrong!
But it was definitely worth it, because Hanyu Qiao was a great experience for me! I was able to do both in a relatively short time my chinese improve as well as get to know the Chinese culture better and make contacts all over the world.
It was worth doing it, because "Chinese Bridge" was a great experience for me! I could improve my Chinese within a short period, learn much about the Chinese culture and make friends from all over the world.
Both on the way there and on the way back, I had the chance to talk to Chinese people and so on my chinese to improve.
On my way to the temple and on the way back I had the chance to talk to some Chinese and to improve my Chinese.
She lives in Koto Ward with her 9 year old son, works for a trading company where "I my chinese, English and Japanese. "
Living in Koto Ward with her 9-year-old son, she works for a trading company, where "I get to use my Chinese, English and Japanese. "
My chinese is a little rusty.
My chinese wasn't very good so help translate.
My Chinese wasn't very good, so she'd help translate.
I want to study in china to my chinese to bring it to a higher level.
I'd like to study in China to improve the level of my Chinese.
My chinese is unfortunately pathetic.
First, Jackie Chan will teach me kung fu and then I will take care of my chinese.
I'll learn kung fu from Jackie Chan first, and then Chinese.
I hope I can go to China in the future my chinese to improve.
I'm in China for a few months for my studies and am now looking for a tandem partner my chinese...
Hello, I'm John Ping, your personal driver to any site in and around Beijing. I'm cheaper than a taxi and I know my way ...
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