How did you learn to DJ

Tips for beginners as a DJ

Are you passionate about music and want to start as a DJ? Then you are on the right page here. Just pick a topic that interests you most at the moment.

With all the technical terms and the seemingly endless selection of DJ controllers and music, you just have to start somewhere.

DJ terms as a lexicon

I explain all technical terms in the glossary: ​​What does the BPM information mean for music? What is a double CD player? Why do musicians talk about gigs? And why is a loop nowhere explained? Don't let this drive you crazy. You will soon have learned the new vocabulary of the technical terms.

If something is not clear, you can always look it up. Is a term missing or is an explanation too complicated? Please send me a short email to [email protected]

DJ tips or your DJ mentor

The quickest way to learn to hang up is from a role model or mentor. With this blog I want to be like your virtual DJ mentor for you. I'll tell you all of my tips, tricks and secrets. Occasionally I want to give you new ideas.

Often I will challenge you and push you into situations where you will doubt whether you can do it. I always have the ulterior motive that you don't have to copy all of my mistakes.

How to Avoid the 5 Most Common Mistakes as a Beginner DJ

One learns best from mistakes. So it's no shame to make a mistake while hanging up. But I can save you all the standard errors because I tapped into them myself.

How do I become a DJ? Step-by-step from beginner to first gig

I am very often asked how to become a DJ in the first place. I think it's good that there is no training as a DJ. You are dependent on yourself and you have to teach yourself a lot.

In the beginning, you can save a lot of time if you do the essential steps in the correct order. Here you will find my tips for getting to your first gigs as a DJ beginner. Explained step by step.

The ultimate DJ controller guide with recommendations from DJs

Are you looking for the best DJ controller for your gigs? This is not so easy. Because in the last few years the market for DJ controllers has literally exploded.

That's why I asked all blog readers for help and together we created the ultimate controller guide. In this guide you will definitely find the best DJ controller for your own purposes, from 99 euros to 2,999 euros

21 DJ books to learn how to DJ and improve your DJing skills

If I want to learn something new, I buy a book. That's why pretty much every DJ book is on my bookshelf, from Dirk Duske's standard work "Gut Auflege" to the books by Marko Holtwick and "DJing for Dummies", to English specialist literature and my two own e-books.

Best DJ set for beginners: 21 tips from professional DJs

What is the best technique to start with? I asked 21 professional DJs this question. You can pick the opinion that you like best from their answers. Then you already have a point to start quickly.

Gifts for DJs

What can you get for your next birthday? I asked some DJ colleagues which piece of equipment makes their lives easier. However, it must not cost more than 100 euros.

19 questions as to whether I am suitable as a DJ

DJing is a lot of work. At the same time you are an artist, have to market yourself and are exposed to constant criticism. I ask you here whether the many roles as marketing guru, promoter, producer, author, PR specialist and social media expert overwhelm you.