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Frustrated? With these 5 tips you will be happier in your job

Your job annoys you incredibly and have you not been satisfied with your employer for a long time? Is frustration no longer an expression of how you feel every day? We want to get you out of the absolute low mood and give you tips with which you will become a little happier again in your professional life in a flash. Or do you even want to have to think about resigning like this employee because of all the frustration?

Find your inner center

Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out. This mantra will not only help you in yoga, but also in your job. Maybe you are totally stressed today, customers are waiting for your feedback and actually you should urgently complete an internal project. And as always, exactly no one will help you. You could freak out, right? But it went stupid, you don't even have time for a freak out. However, you can find your inner center without spending a lot of time. In nerve-wracking situations, you should really take a deep breath first to avoid going straight into the air. The relaxation effect works best when you consciously breathe into your stomach. Gently massaging your temples and neck can also help you relax. Already noticed? You can do the relaxation exercises at any workplace. It doesn't really matter if you work in an office or not. At this employer, a program has even been installed on the employees' computers to remind them of daily relaxation exercises.

Perhaps you are now thinking: relaxation exercises are all well and good, but how do they make me happier in my job? On the way to true happiness, you have to learn balance. Once you know how to calm yourself down and relax, frustrating situations become much easier for you.

Avoid the anger

We mean that quite literally. Either you grab the office dog or you go out for a walk all by yourself. You are not dependent on a particular schedule and can start walking at 9 a.m. or wait until 3 p.m. - whatever you want. Outside in nature you have enough space to make yourself aware of the essentials again and to release a few happiness hormones in the fresh air.

If your hourly account is clearly in the bad, a walk outside of the lunch break is probably not an option for you. After all, you don't want to sit at work any longer. No problem either. Of course, you can still get happier in five minutes. How? By avoiding the personified reason for your frustration. Sure, it works worse with an assembly line job than in an open-plan office with flexible workplaces. You can ignore your annoying colleague or the lousy boss at least to a certain extent. If he comes into the break room, you disappear to the toilet. If he wants to make small talk, you suddenly have a lot to do. Avoiding confrontation makes your work day much more pleasant and you can concentrate on the things that make you really happy in your job - even if it's just the daily coffee chat with your favorite colleague.

Laugh instead of raving

Have you ever simply smiled in a stressful situation? Your smile will eventually spread all over your body and - I promise - you will suddenly feel better. The adage “He who smiles instead of raving is always the stronger one” is not only a cliché, but can also be used in the real world of work. There is nothing to prevent you from beating the table and giving your superiors or colleagues your opinion. After all, emotions are part of the job and, in the worst case, suppressing them can make you sick. Sometimes the person you are talking to cannot help the situation at all, which is why you shouldn't vent your anger on them and rather approach them with humor.

If it's his fault, and you're even dealing with a choleric or bully, your smile will drive him even more insane. And you? You leave the company as the stronger one after work. With your smile you laid the foundation for being less cramped in everyday work.

let it out

The measure is full: the frustration has to get out of you. Have you ever thought about doing sports during your lunch break? Of course, you can decide for yourself whether you want to hit the punching bag angrily or go for a run. This sporty outlet helps you to forget all negative influences and to be happy again.

Sport is murder for you and does it make your aggression even bigger? As an alternative to exercising, you can also vent your anger out with someone you trust. Sounds strange at first, but there is also a blasphemous label. For example, please make sure to remain fair and not discredit anyone personally. This is especially important if the person you trust works for the same company and your not-so-kind analysis could potentially be heard by others. Don't say anything so negative that - if it were related to you - you wouldn't take it as feedback.

Dare yourself and say no

So far you wanted to please everyone and at some point you forgot yourself. By now you are dreaming of work and all the stress is already having an impact on your body. The way to luck? A loud no. At the beginning it is not exactly easy to politely decline requests from colleagues or bosses. At the same time, it is just as difficult to accommodate this additional workload in the limited number of hours per week. A healthy means of accepting and rejecting things definitely contributes to more happiness in the job. You don't need to feel guilty because, in your opinion, nobody can rely on you anymore. That's not true at all. You do the tasks that you accept well and gladly all the more thoroughly and faster.

In this article, we'll tell you exactly how you can reject overtime. After all, more free time makes you happy immediately, doesn't it?