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Writing a love letter: 5 tips + examples for a romantic declaration of love

The occasions to write a love letter can be different. What they all have in common, however, is the purpose to confess their love to the recipient in a special way. It is not always easy to put your feelings into words. We explain the meaning of love letters and give valuable tips on how you too can find the right words.

The meaning of a love letter

References to love letters can be found in literature as early as before Christ. From there they spread over all epochs, be it the Middle Ages or the Baroque, through the greater prevalence in the Romantic period to the modern age. Today, in the postmodern era, after mechanization and digitization, love letters threaten to be a thing of the past in the future.

Right now it is necessary to preserve the tradition of love letters so that it is not lost forever. By publishing love letters from famous men like Beethoven or Goethe, Napoleon or Kafka, attempts have already been made to preserve this important cultural asset over the years and to establish it in society. Because just like love poems, love letters can also be poetic. Precisely because love letters are originally written privately, they harbor an honesty that fascinates the masses. They describe and explain the love that is still a great secret for most people today.

Love letters contain knowledge. Detailed knowledge and experiences about falling in love and falling out of love, about ups and downs. This includes roller coaster rides through jealousy and despair to forgiveness and reconciliation. Love is not rational, every love is different and that is exactly why it is unfathomable. There is no formula, no recipe how there is guaranteed to be a happy ending. But we can cultivate our relationships with small gestures, learn from the history of love and receive one of its most beautiful embodiments: the love letter.

Love letter instead of WhatsApp message!

Writing a love letter - no comparison to WhatsApp & Co.

Nowadays, most love messages are sent via SMS, email or WhatsApp. Not only do these messages lack a personal touch, they also lack any hassle or romance. In most cases it is women who value proof of love, but men are also happy to receive special messages of love from their loved ones. A love message can be typed quickly, emojis and hearts inserted quickly - they are just as quickly forgotten again. They lack the seriousness that a love letter offers. Written in your own handwriting, specially decorated and much longer than a short message on your smartphone, it is simply the nicer way of saying “I love you”.

Love letters can be saved - you hold something in your hand that makes you feel positive and warm. A smartphone is unlikely to be able to do that. A love message on the mobile phone can be saved as a screenshot, but it does not really stand out from the other everyday messages. Most likely, this screenshot is lost between all of your other photos as well. The material of a real love letter alone offers romantic potential. Most women love old school. When they find a man worrying and making an effort, they feel valued.

5 tips for writing love letters

A really beautiful and special love letter will be remembered for longer and has significantly more personal value than a bought gift. We give you 5 valuable tips on how to make your letter special.

Writing a love letter: the right time

Birthdays - a good time to write a love letter

A love letter can be the first time to say “I love you”. He helps you when you are too shy to confess your love personally. Even if you are separated from your love, a love letter can be written out of longing. Your partner will definitely not expect a letter and will be all the more happy. A letter can also be written out of exuberant happiness, sadness or because of a farewell. Its objectivity makes it possible to find refuge in it. It is read over and over again when needed in times of grief.

A popular time to write a love letter is on a special occasion like an annual or birthday. These are the days when you can show your partner how much you love them. Love letters are a great addition to a present and are much more popular than a simple birthday card. Another occasion is of course Valentine's Day. But cause or not - in principle every day can be an occasion to make your love a joy. If you feel the need to confess your love to him or her, you shouldn't wait unnecessarily long for a certain day.

Content of your love letter

As a writing aid for inspiration, the following key questions can help you:

  • What qualities do you love most about him / her?
  • Why does he / she make you laugh?
  • Why does he / she make you happy?
  • In general, situations that you have experienced together can help you. What was particularly beautiful for you in this situation and what did you feel?
  • How do you imagine your future together?
  • When exactly did you realize you loved him / her?

All of these questions can help you with writer's block. If you find it particularly difficult to write a love letter, feel free to draft a few. Take a few days and don't put yourself under pressure.

Little extras to personalize your love letter

For example, use different pens and colors to give your love letter a personal touch. Small drawings or hearts that you have painted yourself are also beautiful. You can also use stickers. It is also something special if you spray a little of your perfume on the stationery (the emphasis is on little -after all, you don't want your partner to start sneezing when they open the envelope). You can also prove your romantic streak with envelopes and stationery and either design both yourself or look for a nice motif in stationery stores or on the Internet.

Typographically, there are no limits to you either. The only important thing is that your love letter looks neat. Make an effort to write and make paragraphs. Make sure that your text, depending on how long it is, is as centered as possible so that it does not appear shorter than it is. It shouldn't look like you don't know what else to write.

Better to avoid typed love letters. Many couples barely know their partner's handwriting and only see it, if at all, on small post-its in the shared apartment. A self-written letter is definitely the better option.

make compliments

Compliments are an important part of any declaration of love to express one's affection. However, you shouldn't overdo it either. If the love letter is just a list of compliments, the impression can arise that it is not meant seriously and has little content. You should mean what you write. If you add too many compliments, they're nothing special. Also adjust them individually to your partner and your relationship.

The compliments in your love letter can relate to both the appearance and character of your partner. Note, however, that neither of the two outweighs too much. Women in particular often feel unappreciated when all of your compliments only relate to their appearance. However, this type of compliment is often a great transition or addition. For example: “When I look into your beautiful blue eyes, I see our future. You are the mirror of my soul, because without you there is no me ”.

Choose your own words

When writing a love letter, do not use templates from the Internet, just to impress. Your partner will know you well enough to notice whether the words were really yours or were just compiled from forum posts.

A love letter is not about being particularly extravagant and over-emotional. You should be aware of what you are feeling and package it in your own words. To find the right words, it is helpful to use comparisons to describe your feelings. Your focus should be on the fact that your love letter has a special value for you and not that it is particularly long. Few words that are chosen with love and care do more than many to fill lines.

Declaration of love for him: An example of a love letter

This example shows that referring to certain situations can help initiate a love letter. Also included are some of the important key questions that can help when writing a love letter.

My great love,

I think about the first time we took a walk on the beach on vacation and I've never felt safer. I could have stayed there with you forever. You give with love, courage and strength. I cannot imagine a life without you.

You make me laugh and you know me like no other in this world. I can not be without you. You're the best thing that ever happened to me. That's why I tell you what I feel every second that I spend with you: I love you.

Love texts for her: an example of a love letter

This letter was written by Johnny Cash for his wife on her 65th birthday. It clearly shows that it doesn't take poetic formulations to impress a woman - just honest words.

Dear birthday princess,

we get old and we get used to each other. We think the same. We read each other's minds. We know what the other wants without having to ask. Sometimes we get a little annoyed. Maybe sometimes we take each other for granted.

But every now and then, like today, I think about it and I realize how happy I am to share my life with the greatest woman I have ever met. You still fascinate and inspire me. You change me for the better You are the object of my desire, the reason for my existence. I love you very much.

Happy birthday, princess


More romantic ideas - 3 alternatives to the love letter

If you're having trouble writing a love letter, there are other romantic alternatives too. In the following we have listed some ideas for you that your partner will surely be happy about.

Make a love box

The love box is a great method when you are a bit shy and you may not immediately think of a lot of things that you would like to say to your partner. All you need is a small to medium-sized box in which you put lots of small pieces of paper. On these pieces of paper you write what you love about your partner. A big advantage of this box is that you can gradually put more and more pieces of paper into it whenever you think of something new. This way, you won't be under pressure to have them ready by a certain time.

Examples of what you love about him or her are: "Your charisma", "Your sense of humor", "Your loving manner" or "The feeling of security that you give me". There are no limits for the fanatasy. The more scraps of paper you throw in the box, the better. If you're afraid of not getting enough snippets, choose a small box so it doesn't look empty.

Tinker an advent calendar

The same principle can be applied to an advent calendar as to the box. You prepare a compliment or a confession of love in the form of a piece of paper for each day. Of course, the whole thing can be expanded with small gifts. By and large, however, it is about the gesture and the daily joy that you give your partner. What you keep your presents or notes in doesn't really matter. You could use small cloth bags, paper bags, envelopes, cardboard coffee mugs, or cardboard tubes wrapped in gift wrap.

If you haven't been together long and you want to confess your love, describe 24 snippets that lead to your declaration of love. Every day brings a new piece that can be read. Finally, on the 24th, the three magic words are in the calendar.

Love poems and sayings

In contrast to a love letter, a love poem or saying does not always have to be formulated by yourself. Of course, it's nicer when individual points flow into your relationship. However, carefully selected templates from the Internet can also be popular. It should be noted that they are timeless rather than modern and that the person to whom the poem or saying is intended can also identify with them.

Too puffy formulations seem more strange than romantic, especially to men. Every relationship has its own language. Find out what could make your partner happy. Love poems or sayings are particularly good as a small addition to gifts. Even so, your love can be confessed romantically.

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