Can tarot cards predict death

Tarot "Death" - recognizing finality and allowing change

Death in tarot is feared when reading cards. The XIII. Tarot card shows the grim reaper who wants to reap its fruits. The message of the black rider: Recognize the finality and allow change.

The tarot card meaning illustrates death with positive and negative aggressive impulses. If death appears in the tarot, this is an indication to part with the lifeless and to make room for something new. Inevitable is the sadness of a painful loss. Openness and clarity arise when you clear out your life.

The characteristics of the tarot card "Death" are:

  • Letting go, the end of a development phase
  • Discarding outdated values ​​and habits
  • Fear of a new beginning
  • Irreversibility of change

Death in the tarot - the general definition

Basically, death in the tarot is a representative of painful loss. The old must pass, the new can blossom. The card motif shows a skeleton with armor riding a horse with a standard in his bony hands. The defeated king on the ground in front of him. The white rays of the sun can be seen in the background - the symbol for the rising consciousness. The dark night has to give way to the bright day. If death appears in the tarot, it is a symbol of finality and the irreversibility of drastic changes. The tarot card meaning does not refer to the prediction of death, but rather reflects the end of a phase of development.

Positive and negative aspects of the death tarot card

If death rides into your life in the tarot, the time of the great letting go of traditional structures begins. Drawn as a day card, the tarot card meaning extends from the loss of objects to the farewell in relationships. Death in the tarot and its darker sides illustrate panic fear of dying, superstition and the unwillingness to develop. If death appears in the reverse position in the Tarot, it becomes more difficult to discard paralyzing behavior patterns. With the online tarot you can read the meaning of the 13th card for free. Accurate statements about changes in life, which are announced in the tarot of death, are offered by clairvoyant card and channel media with profound interpretative skills.

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