What is it like to do heroin

How does heroin addiction arise?

If heroin is consumed more frequently - regardless of whether it is injected, sniffed or smoked (on foil) - physical dependence quickly develops. Heroin addiction can be recognized by the fact that the body reacts with withdrawal symptoms if the drug is not taken for a long time. Relief is usually only provided by the drug, so that your thoughts soon only revolve around it. This is called a craving. Even after a successful physical withdrawal, the craving can lead to the person relapsing again and falling into the vicious circle of intoxication and withdrawal symptoms.

Developing addiction to heroin or any other drug addiction is not an easy-to-explain phenomenon. It's not just the "bad" drug that turns innocent people into junkies. Because there are always several components involved in the development of addiction, which can be summarized in three categories:

The person with their individual characteristics. The effects of a drug are not processed in the same way by everyone. While one of them may "like it", the other quickly leaves it alone because he is not entirely sure about the effect or because he does not want to expose himself to the risk of addiction.

The environment with their different influences. For example, an extreme environment, such as that found in war zones or poor gettos, can lead to drugs being used as a means of internal escape, to hide the adverse circumstances. Less extreme environmental influences such as an unfavorable parental upbringing climate are also to be cited as environmental conditions that can "favor" drug use and dependence.

The drug and their effect. Drugs differ in the type and intensity of the effect, which in turn is closely linked to the characteristics of the person. Even if it is repeatedly presented in a simplified manner in the media, the drug alone does not make you addicted. But drug addiction without drugs does not exist either.

Heroin occupies a special position among all drugs because it is one of them particularly high potential for dependency is awarded. But a drug career and heroin addiction cannot be explained completely apart from personal and environmental factors. Because mostly it is people with significant mental disorders who are particularly at risk of abusing the intoxication as a "release" from their problems.