How do I give myself a haircut

Mom haircut: help, I went to the hairdresser!

Yesterday I got a call from a dear friend. She became a mother eight weeks ago and the day before yesterday she was at the hairdresser's. Without asking me beforehand! I was shocked - because I couldn't warn her that way. Because mothers and hairdressers, this mixture can not only be tricky, it often ends in a catastrophe.

In my first two years as a mother, I rarely saw my trusted hairdresser. I had long hair, which I practically tied up with an elastic, and the bangs and ends were trimmed every two months. Practical, good and - boring. I liked my long head of hair, but after the birth of child no. 2 I just felt like trying something new again, dreamed of a slightly layered mane. I just wanted to feel like a beautiful woman again and not just a mother with practical clothes and an equally practical braid of hair.

A - childless - friend gave me a tip and so I ended up in a trendy hair salon. Of course I wasn't relaxed. Grandma looked after the children and the little one was still breastfed - so I had a tight window of opportunity. Highlights or something like that were out of the question. When I explained this to the hairdresser, he looked critical. "Oh, are you a mother?" He said. I innocently answer that a baby and a toddler are waiting for me at home. "Yes, then you need an easy-care, practical hairstyle." I did not argue. "A little shorter would be okay," I explained.

Well - what then? My hair was washed, my head was massaged, and I was comfortably warm. And since I was chronically tired, my eyes closed. When I opened it, a strange woman was sitting across from me. Confused, I blinked and looked again - I was the woman in the mirror. With a short hairstyle! The more than shoulder-length strands were gone - now I looked at a copy of Ursula von der Leyen, with a pony. Speechless horror. "Well, that's something completely different?" Asked the hairdresser. "I don't have any hair anymore," I stammered. "Oh, blow-drying is now quick, just take the round brush. A really practical hairstyle for mothers. "

Since that day I have been walking a real mom hairstyle on my head. I used to smile a little that many women look so strange as soon as the offspring arrived - there only seemed to be short hairstyles or even short curls in the lives of these women. Today it is clear to me that this is often not the case at all voluntarily. The women are tired or too confused to express themselves sensibly and snap, snap, splendid mane of hair à la Pam Anderson is off and is replaced by hair creations that Angela Merkel could also wear.

For years I have been secretly trying to let my hair grow back, but a clever hair clipper always manages to trim it. At my age it wouldn't look good either. Says the hairdresser.
Is it any wonder that I wanted to protect my friend, who I always envied for her beautiful hair?

But too late. The call confirmed the thesis: After giving birth, women get mummy hairstyles. Sooner or later. My friend explained that she had her long locks trimmed. “Imagine, I said the hair should be a little shorter. And now they're not even chin-length. ”Did she go to the same hairdresser? Or is it because a little bit is always relative? Because of a little hair on your head?

The interesting thing about the mom hairstyle phenomenon is that it also hits celebrities. Viktoria Beckham and Katie Holmes wear particularly easy-care cuts and Heidi Klum's long hair also fell victim to scissors. She wore a bob. Oh yes, such a chin-length, slightly unkempt style has a name: "out of bed" look. Well, that fits for mothers ...