Why do people hate companies

10 reasons people hate their job

Already clear: hate is a strong word - but sometimes you get that tingling feeling when you think about your job. We have already explained to you why, according to studies, we are unhappy at work and why money, for example, is not everything - now we wanted to know from you. We took a closer look at the reviews on kununu and presented: 10 reasons why you hate your job. Do you love your job The counterpart to this article and thus 10 reasons why you love your job can be found under this link.


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The reviews at a glance

"No appreciation of the management towards the employees." - Rating at aQto GmbH

"TEAM - great someone else does it." - Rating at John Crane GmbH

"That I can pay for the water from the coffee machine capsule with only 50 cents - a real bargain compared to the gas station." Rating at autoForum Wiegers GmbH

"Should always be available, give your private cell phone number." Rating at Franz Kaldewei GmbH & Co. KG

"Salary = a joke" - Reviews at e-bility GmbH

"Bad connection with public transport." - Valuation at Rebopharm drug sales company with limited liability

"The bosses don't keep their promises." Rating at Call & Sales Manufaktur GmbH

“The office is run down and needs to be renovated urgently. Unfortunately, the place does not have a nice working atmosphere in which you feel comfortable and want to work. " Rating at PICTURE GmbH

"It's slowly gaining ground, but for a long time training courses, trade fair visits etc. were viewed critically or considered unnecessary." Rating at DieWebAG GmbH

"Even our old hands don't feel like it anymore and are waiting for their retirement." Evaluation at Geba