Can I eat at McDonalds in France

Eleven police officers from the French specialty GIGN, who are trained in counter-terrorism and hostage rescue, are eating their hamburgers in civilian clothes in a McDonald's branch in the French town of École-Valentin. Suddenly shots rang out outside. Like the French TV channel BFM TV reported on Sunday evening two masked men stormed into the area of ​​the fast-food restaurant, which is located in the shopping area of ​​the town in eastern France near Besançon.

The gendarmes waited first

Panic broke out immediately among the 30 to 40 restaurant visitors. They believed it was an assassination attempt, reportsFrance 3. While the guests were trying to escape from the building, the robbers entered the restaurant, broke into the cash register and stole around 2,000 euros.

The police initially remained calm and waited. At a press conference, the prosecutor investigating the case stated: The unit initially did nothing because it wanted to prevent the situation from worsening and the restaurant visitors from being endangered.

The robbers fled

When the two robbers finally left the restaurant and tried to escape, the police went into pursuit. One of the gunmen fell while trying to escape and was caught. His accomplice was shot and arrested by a gendarme.

According to the prosecutor, both men are 20 years old and from the Montbéliard region in eastern France. You are currently in a hospital in Besançon. As soon as they can be questioned, they would have to answer not only for a robbery, but also for violence against the gendarmes.