What is an early lunch

Even those who take their time for lunch and do not hastily gobble their food down in front of the computer do not necessarily feel fit and strengthened afterwards. Why is that? According to Australian nutritionist Susie Burrell, we don't just get a lot wrong with breakfast.

On her blog, Shapeme, Burrell explains the mistakes we make with another important meal: lunch. The choice of food influences how we eat for the rest of the day. "A nutrient-rich lunch is the key to being productive throughout the day," writes the nutrition expert.

We all make these five mistakes at lunch:

We eat too late

Here is another meeting, there we have to finish a project quickly: In everyday life we ​​often postpone our lunch, sometimes it gets 2 or 3 p.m. before we eat something. Until then, however, our blood sugar level is in the basement, our cognitive ability is already declining. “So in order to stay efficient, we should have lunch as early as possible,” suggests Susie Burrell. An early lunch at 11 a.m. is always healthier than having to resist the temptation to have a snack and eat right late.

We don't eat enough vegetables

No matter what we eat for lunch: in most cases we simply eat too few vegetables compared to meat or other side dishes. On the other hand, a few lettuce leaves or a sliced ​​tomato are simply not enough to really fill you up and provide the body with the nutrients it needs. Burell's tip: Simply prepare a few carrot wedges in the morning and nibble them throughout the day or prepare a small salad the evening before, which can then be eaten with a sandwich, soup or some sushi.

We take in a lot more calories than we think

What we often forget when we are out and about or in the canteen: food that we buy and eat away from home often has a lot more calories than if we cooked the same dish at home. According to the expert, this is due to sauces and fatty foods. After all, fried foods have more calories than non-fried foods. Even those who opt for a healthy salad often get more than 800 calories on their plate, including 40 to 60 grams of fat, says Burell. However, it is recommended to only eat around 350 to 500 calories for lunch. Read here how you can identify and avoid the biggest calorie traps in the canteen.

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We don't eat enough good carbohydrates

Diet with as few carbohydrates as possible is the trend. Excess pounds should fall off particularly quickly if you do without carbohydrates. “Often we do without carbohydrates completely if we want to lose weight and are driven by cravings after just a few days. We also feel tired and can only think about sugar, ”explains Susie Burrell. The amount is less important than the type of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates from vegetables, fruits and whole grains are considered the "better" carbohydrates and should be on every balanced menu. Because these carbohydrates make the blood sugar level rise only slowly - and also decrease more slowly: We feel full longer.

We only eat on the side

In order not to lose time, many employees simply move their lunch break to their desk. But that's not healthy. Studies show that people who take their lunch on the side - for example, watching TV or sitting at the computer - consume more calories in the afternoon than those who eat consciously and go to the canteen.

Those who have an office job are often tied to their desks from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. It is all the more important to move around during breaks and to insert physical activities as well as to eat healthily and consciously - even in a canteen. Burell's tip: Even if there is only a mini break of 20 minutes in the stressful everyday life, you should definitely get some fresh air, if possible soak up some sun and - at least for a short time - switch off from stress. (sar)