Who invented number 1

Innovations: the basis of economic success

The Stuttgart region is so economically strong today because, according to all indicators, it is one of the most innovative economic regions in the world. Many successful and well-known companies in the region, such as Daimler, Bosch, Stihl or Kärcher, owe their development to a basic innovation that has been strategically developed over decades.

Many ideas for well-known everyday products come from here: not only the automobile, but also the modern wind power plant, the Leitz folder, the electric hand drill and the office copier all have their origins in the Stuttgart region. (You can find some examples of well-known and less well-known inventions from the Stuttgart region in the "Who invented it" section in the location magazine 179.)

German champion in patent statistics

It is therefore hardly surprising that the Baden-Württemberg capital region has been leading the German patent statistics for many decades: With more than 400 patent applications per 100,000 employees, more patents are registered here than in any other region in Germany, and local companies have long been among the undisputed front-runners in statistics .

Every seventh euro that is invested in research and development by German companies comes from a company based in the Stuttgart region, that is 13 million euros every day. More than seven percent of the regional gross domestic product flows into research and development, which is more than double the Lisbon target that the EU is aiming for in 2020. It is around two percent across Germany.