How websites pay taxes

International Youtubers will soon have to pay US taxes

Anyone who earns money on YouTube will have to pay US taxes on part of their income in the future. Google recently announced that. The change is being made to comply with American tax laws.

Specifically, it is about monetization via channels and features that the platform itself offers. This includes, for example, upstream or intermediate advertising clips, income via YouTube Premium, paid subscriptions or streaming features such as Superchat. A part of the money thus generated - that which is brought in via viewers from the USA - will in future be taxed in the USA. Monetization, which video makers negotiate separately with partners, such as sponsored segments, is not affected by this changeover.

Deadline until May 31st

International Youtubers now have to submit their tax information to Google. The deadline for this is May 31st. For this purpose, a separate form is made available via Adsense, which you can also use to determine which taxation applies to your own account. How much you ultimately have to pay to the US Treasury also depends on the proportion of the US audience, as well as on whether there is a tax treaty between the US and the country in which you live. This can be checked via the website of the IRS tax authority.

Anyone who does not fill out the form by the deadline will not escape taxation. In this case, Google has to automatically assume that you live in the USA - and withhold up to 24 percent of global revenues. The entire process is explained in a five-minute video. (gpi, March 10, 2021)