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DAAD Prize 2020: Master's student from Mainz honored for outstanding academic performance and social commitment

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And the DAAD Prize 2020 goes to ... Franco Rosso. The student in the binational master's program International Business / Maestría Argentino-Alemana at the Mainz University of Applied Sciences and the Universidad de Ciencias Empresariales y Sociales (UCES) in Rafaela, Argentina, was awarded the prize for outstanding performance by the German Academic Exchange Service. The prize is endowed with 1000 euros and is made available to the universities by the DAAD. This prize is intended to honor foreign students for special academic achievements and remarkable social commitment.

Franco Rosso thanks both of his universities for the opportunity to study this course and says: "I am very proud of the award and just as proud of the Mainz University of Applied Sciences and the UCES can be, who organize the master’s course as a team".

Franco Rosso was extremely committed to his studies from the start. "To this day, he has been working his way into new fields of knowledge and is pursuing his studies with great success," emphasizes the head of the program, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schüle. The 28-year-old Argentinian is currently in his 5th semester in the Economics department and his achievements are outstanding. Franco Rosso has always shone with outstanding performances. In 2017 he graduated as the best of his degree and was one of the three best graduates of all degree programs at his university in Rafaela.

The Argentine is currently working on his master's thesis entitled “Investment project analysis: Manufacturing and commercialization of Li-ion battery packs for e-mobility applications”, which he will defend in October 2020 in front of an Argentine-German jury. Starting in September, Franco Rosso will do an internship in Frankfurt lasting several weeks. Studying in Mainz was and is a unique experience for Franco Rosso that "allowed him to grow", both on an academic and personal level. “I would like to advise other students to go abroad, learn new languages ​​and get to know other students from different countries,” emphasizes the Argentine and adds: “You wouldn't be able to have these experiences if you didn't go abroad to study . "

In addition to his academic achievements and his exceptionally good foreign language skills (in addition to English, he also speaks very good German and Italian), among other things, the commitment of the master’s student should be emphasized, because he has been involved in numerous social and intercultural projects for years. Even during his school days, the Argentine campaigned for the elderly and children in various charities such as “La casita del niño”. As a rugby player, he was responsible for promoting youth in his home club. In addition, he set up a partnership program between the cities of Rafaela and Sigmaringendorf in Baden-Württemberg. In Swabia, he did an internship as a schoolboy. He motivates Argentine students to go abroad and wins companies on the Argentine and German sides for exchange. The student also supports his fellow students in voluntary study groups during his studies at the Mainz University of Applied Sciences. Franco Rosso is valued by the international student body because, among other things, his friendly and open manner enables him to adapt to other languages ​​and cultures in a remarkable way.

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