Is it worth doing MSC Forensic Science

Forensic Sciences and Engineering course Master of Science (M.Sc.), university

There are few forensic experts in the police force who make their scientific findings available to courts as part of criminal proceedings. In addition, few forensic experts work outside the police force, although there is a considerable need: in the insurance industry, in banks and in major commercial enterprises in general. In addition, communication between the experts and lawyers is often difficult. This phenomenon often affects the effectiveness of the judiciary, leading to injustice and diminishing trust in the judiciary among citizens. As a result, there is an increasing need for lawyers with forensic knowledge and experts with forensic skills in the fields of criminal law, criminal procedure and civil law.

Forensics is the study of material evidence in criminal proceedings. The Brandenburg Technical University Cottbus (BTU) is offering a fee-based, extra-occupational further education course "Forensic Sciences and Engineering" from the winter semester 2011/2012. The course is offered in German. Very high demands are placed on the participants. It requires special specialist knowledge and considerable responsibility for the scientifically developed knowledge. Despite the free assessment of evidence by the courts, material evidence is of enormous importance in court proceedings. It should be remembered that a forensic report can be decisive for a person's further life. The course is aimed at those with a professionally qualified academic degree: judges, defense lawyers, prosecutors and experts, employees from authorities who come into contact with forensic issues in their daily work, such as the police, fire brigade, customs, disaster control, etc. The course is of interest for the insurance industry, for banks and especially for appraisers and experts who are already working as experts for courts, authorities and private parties and who want to fundamentally expand their knowledge in the field of forensic technology. Finally, the course is aimed at lawyers who will gain in-depth knowledge of forensic investigations and methods for their work as criminal defense lawyers.

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