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The speculative application - a real opportunity for you!

Advisor speculative application

You haven't found a suitable job that makes your heart beat faster? Then just get active yourself. A initiative application can be a very interesting alternative to the conventional application, because this way you show commitment and motivation. Monster shows you what to look out for.


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What is an unsolicited application?


As the name suggests, goes with one initiative application the first step from you. This means that there is no advertised position. Anyone who applies to job advertisements on a job exchange usually has a good chance of finding a suitable job. But if you take matters into your own hands, that also leads to success. So do not hesitate to submit an unsolicited application - it's worth it. Because with it you show the potential employer that you don't want to leave your career to chance. "With an unsolicited application, the applicant proves that he wants to actively shape his future," says Oliver Beck, HR manager at Michelin Germany. "Because those who approach their professional development with their own initiative usually also show this attitude in their job."


We summarize:

  • A initiative application is an application that is made without a prior offer.
  • You are not applying for a specific job advertisement, but you are still applying for a specific position.
  • Even with one initiative application you will find out more about the company you want to apply to.
  • Previous telephone contact is also with one initiative application makes sense.


Before sending an unsolicited application: collect information


Your initiative should be targeted. To do this, it is helpful to make a suitable selection of potential employers. Business directories such as those of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, online portals and networking sites such as Xing or LinkedIn and trade journals can help here.

Once you have decided on a company, find out exactly how you would with a classic application: economic indicators, size, workforce, locations and so on. Research not only on the company website, but also through press releases and job or trade fairs at which the company presents itself. Because with one initiative application you should be better informed if possible than with a classic application.

"It makes sense, of course, for the applicant to find out in advance about the company to which he wants to apply," emphasizes Michelin HR officer Herbert Sklarzyk. "We have already found some young people this way."


Tips for your speculative application: Please not like this


“I would like to apply for a position in the commercial department of your company because I was told by telephone that you might be looking for someone. Enclosed you will find my documents. I could well imagine supporting you. "

This or something like that is allowed Cover letter for your speculative application in no way be formulated. Why? It is not specific, is not addressed to a direct contact person and, above all, is simply uninteresting. Your application will likely end up in the filing system and, in the best case, you will receive an equally succinct and meaningless rejection. To avoid this, we have put together a few tips that will help you with your speculative application.


5 tips for the unsolicited letter


  1. Formulate directly
    Engage the reader by saying directly what you want and what you have to offer. Avoid subjunctive and clauses.
  2. Don't hesitate to put the door in the house
    At the beginning of your cover letter, state the most important facts: your current position, qualifications and the reason for your speculative application to this company. You then give details in your résumé.
  3. Be specific
    State the exact position you would like to apply for and explain what makes you stand out for it. Mention the focus of your training and / or your previous professional activity.
  4. Be brief
    The cover letter should generally not be longer than one page - this is all the more true for speculative applications. Get to the point quickly. Detailed questions can also be clarified during the interview. Your goal is to arouse the recruiter's interest in you and your skills so that they will even consider you for a position.
  5. Appear up-to-date
    When making an unsolicited application, it is important to use formulations that sound confident and interesting. Avoid unnecessary flattery such as “I know your company is the best in the industry” or “I would be delighted if you would give me a little of your precious time”. This style is no longer appropriate these days.


Formulations for speculative applications


Have you found out about your potential employer, gathered the necessary background knowledge and successfully made the first telephone contact? Then it comes to the cover letter. We have collected a few examples for you that show what you should think about your formulations.


Introduction for an unsolicited application?


Finding the right entry point is often difficult. We help you to find the right words:


Positive examples
So please notBut please like that
Hello Mr. MustermannDear Mr. Mustermann
I heard that you have a vacancy as ...When I contacted Mr. Mustermann by telephone, he told me that your company had a vacancy.
Mr. Mustermann has told me that you have a vacancy as ....In my phone call with Mr. Mustermann yesterday, he asked me to send my application directly to you.
When I called you you told me to apply.Thank you for the pleasant conversation yesterday.


Formulate concrete, targeted and aptly


Keep your cover letter short and still give all the important information directly - get everything to the point.


Positive examples
So please notBut please like that
I am interested in working as a project manager and have heard that you may have such a position vacant. I have some experience in this job and I could imagine that it would be a good fit.I heard from Ms. Mustermann over the phone that a position as a project manager had to be filled in your company. In the last four years I have been responsible for two extensive industrialization projects. I am very familiar with tasks such as project planning, budget tracking, implementation monitoring, reporting to the tax team and the like.
I really want to work for you as an IT man, because I really enjoy it.As an IT administrator at XXX AG, I was responsible for over 100 networked PC workstations. My tasks also included data security and instructing new employees on how to use the PC.
Marketing has always interested me.In my three years at XXX AG, I accompanied product launches and organized trade fairs and customer presentations.


No empty statements in the speculative application


Of course, you should focus on your qualities. So that these don't seem like empty words, prove your skills with your experiences that you have already made in your previous jobs or in your studies - give concrete examples.


Positive examples
So please notBut please like that
I am motivated, flexible, very resilient and would like to be part of your dynamic team.For the past five years, in addition to my regular duties, I have managed a special project. I had a five-person team at my side, with whom I only carried out the conversion of the company's internal IT network in the evenings and on weekends for reasons of internal organization.
I have always worked to the full satisfaction of everyone involved.I have implemented my projects with great success, so that production could be worked more effectively and ergonomically.
I was always ready to learn new things.I have continuously trained myself in the field of SEO and have always kept myself up to date in my field.
Please give me some of your precious time so that I can answer your questions.I would be very happy if we could clarify everything else in a personal conversation.

You can use me anywhere: in sales, marketing or purchasing. I will solve all your problems.

After two years in the field, I accompanied the market launch of two innovative products in the field of marketing at XXX. For the past three years I was the deputy head of raw materials purchasing.

I am versatile, which my previous employer always likes to emphasize.

In the course of my professional development, I had the opportunity to successfully master various challenges in the areas of controlling, credit management and human resources.



What HR managers think of cover letter wording


There are some stumbling blocks in a cover letter that need to be avoided. Often these are phrases that are often used in everyday life and are simply phrased a little unhappily. But even if the applicant states that he is available for queries at any time, he does not have to fear a call from the HR department on a Sunday.


What the applicant writes ...

... and the HR manager thinks

"Your website has already told me a lot about your company and has confirmed my desire to work for you."

It goes without saying that you did your research beforehand and need not be mentioned. Better get to the point!

"I am precise and conscientious in completing my tasks."

I hope so.

"I'm always available to talk to you."

Really anytime? Leave out such words and write "... I am at your disposal".

"I am happy to answer all of your questions in a personal meeting."

Really all? Better: "... to clarify open questions in a personal conversation."

"I am a dynamic university graduate and have successfully completed my studies."

Doubly mocked: A university graduate has inevitably successfully completed her studies. Always check carefully what you write.

"As your company is the market leader for xxx and I can very well imagine working for you, I would like to introduce myself."

First, the company knows that it is a leader in its field. Second, the remainder of the sentence does not provide anything that piques the reader's interest.

"Your company seems to be able to offer me the opportunity in which I can optimally apply my skills and knowledge and, above all, develop them further."

Does it "seem" or is it actually so? If not, why are you applying there?



Speculative application sample letter


A cover letter for a initiative application Writing can be tricky the first time. This sample letter serves as a template for a successful speculative application.

You can download the complete cover letter for an unsolicited application as a Word document free of charge. And if you are still looking for a suitable employer for your speculative application, let our company profiles inspire you.

Sample letter speculative application (up to Word 2003)
Sample letter speculative application (Word 2007)

PDF template speculative application


Exemplary cover letter for an unsolicited application




Brunnengasse 4

20110 Hamburg

Tel .: 040/345 67 89

Mail: [email protected]s-mueller.de



ViraPharm AG

Human Resources

Dr. Peter Haul

Grüneburgstrasse 455

20445 Hamburg

Hamburg, March 21, 2017


Unsolicited application for human pharmaceuticals division

Dear Doctor. Haul,

After seven years in the field of marketing / product management and a combined education in the natural sciences and economics (with a doctorate in virology), I would like to go back to my professional roots and to a position with a stronger scientific focus than my current, very sales-oriented role is the case, switch.

At ViraPharm, the human pharmaceuticals division appeals to me, and there especially the ethical products. With regard to specific areas of responsibility, I see very good starting points in the areas of project management, process analysis or in-house consulting.

Since May 2002 I have been leading or supervising projects in product management in various positions, especially in the market launch of products and the development of long-term strategies, for example in the organizational and content-related orientation of the company for future product launches. I am currently working for an international company in the CNS area and am responsible for a new generation of antidepressants.

Thanks to my many years of professional experience with ethical products, I know the market in which your company operates and its specific requirements very well. I am contacting you from a position that has not been terminated with the request to check my professional and personal profile for interesting employment opportunities in your company. Since I would like to develop myself further in an innovative product environment like yours, I look forward to an in-depth conversation in your company.

With best regards

Maren Hess-Müller



What else does an unsolicited application include?


Of course you should include the cover letter initiative application Address to the contact person with whom you spoke on the phone beforehand or who was named to you. Also find out exactly which documents you should send and whether an e-mail application is desired. Job references are usually particularly valuable because they show what jobs you have already done and that your previous employers were satisfied with your performance.

"In all of this, one thing is particularly important: authenticity," says Gesa Krämer, who worked for many years in university marketing in the industry and now works as a freelance coach. "Only those who think about their own strengths and weaknesses and have a realistic picture of themselves can appear authentic to the outside world."


Never miss a chance


If you already have a clear idea of ​​where you would like to work, you are one step ahead of many. In addition to the Unsolicited application It is of course also important to always know which positions are to be filled at your "dream employer". Do you need help with this? Sign up for Monster for free. As a member, you can easily get valuable tips on topics related to your career and application via email. Of course, you can also set up a job agent at any time so that the right jobs land directly in your e-mail. You won't miss a chance again!