What's wrong with wearing a hijab

10 questions to ask a hijab wearer you would never dare ask

If I were a man and spoke to you on the subway, would your male relatives beat me up?
No, that's a cliché and completely absurd. It is also a prejudice that Muslim women would feel particularly disturbed if they were spoken to by strangers. Every woman is different there too. Some think that's okay, others don't. But that would also be the case if they weren't wearing a headscarf. For me it is sometimes the other way around. I am sitting alone in a crowded bus in a four-person seat and no one sits down even though I would not speak against it.

Do you shake hands with strangers in greeting?
I don't greet strangers with kisses or hugs. This is also the rule according to etiquette. From a cultural point of view, shaking hands is part of the greeting in Germany. I recently had an interview. I had read in the Knigge that the convicted person has to shake hands with me first and not the other way around. But I wear a headscarf and thought if I stick to this etiquette rule and don't shake hands with him first, he might think I'm doing it because of my religion. It's a dilemma that I have to worry about. As a visible Muslim, you may be judged more quickly in such situations.

Have you ever been drunk?
No, I don't drink alcohol at all. I rarely go to circles that drink alcohol, but I also don't jump up immediately when someone does it. I experience drunk, loud and impulsive people at train stations and I find them incredibly uncomfortable. A racist slogan often follows. Someone has already thrown a bottle after me. I didn't find that funny. That's why I no longer take the train late at night or on days when there are a lot of soccer fans. On a shopping street a woman once called me an "Arab whore" in passing. Another time a man at Bielefeld main station spat in my face in broad daylight and called me a "headscarf bitch". Perhaps it is drunk people who feel addressed by the headscarf and let go of their frustration.

Are you a virgin?
I don't want to answer that to you. And not because I would have a problem answering this question or because my culture or religion would speak against it, but because I think the eternal discussion about virginity is stupid. Alone when I refer to it now, I am doing exactly what I shouldn't be an issue and what I'm fighting against all the time. Whether or not a woman is a virgin should be something completely irrelevant.

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