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Increase your basal metabolic rate: This is how you can lose weight quickly

If you want to increase your basal metabolic rate, there are some interesting tips to keep in mind. In this article we clarify the most important questions about the basal metabolic rate.

You can do this with our tips for increasing your basal metabolic rate Lose weight much easier.

If you want to lose weight, you should make sure that your daily basal metabolic rate is covered anyway.

If this is not covered, it switches metabolism into starvation mode.

Then you are threatened not only with the yo-yo effect, but also with rapid muscle loss.

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What is the basal metabolic rate?

The basal metabolic rate is also called the basal metabolic rate. It is used to characterize the metabolism.

The basal metabolic rate gives the Calorie intake that the body needs in the “resting state”, i.e. the turnover it needs for all organ activities.

In addition to the basal metabolic rate, there is a second variable that should be taken into account. That's the Performance turnover.

The service turnover is determined by our Activity level certainly. It is increased by more movement and, of course, the output also increases.

In order to be able to determine this basal metabolic rate, height, weight and age are important, but muscle mass is also crucial.

Is there a basal metabolic rate formula?

Most of the basal metabolic rate calculators on the internet are inaccurate. Why? Because they work with the outdated Harris Benedict formula. The basal metabolic rate formula is almost 100 years old and calculates too high values.

This is also because people all had a higher basal metabolic rate before that. No wonder: most of them were much more physically active than they are today. There were hardly any jobs where you sit for hours.

The basal metabolic rate can best be determined with the Mifflin St. Jeor formula to calculate. The basal metabolic rate is calculated as follows:

GU (kcal / 24h) = 10 weight kg + 6.25 height cm - 5 age (years) + s

Man s = +5

Woman s = -161

How can you increase the basal metabolic rate?

If you want to increase your basal metabolic rate, there are several options. One possibility is that you can also increase your basal metabolic rate differently Food can use. The other option is Sports. With our tips we explain how you can increase your basal metabolic rate.

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Is there a connection between calorie requirement and basal metabolic rate?

Yes, there is a relationship between calorie requirement and basal metabolic rate. The basal metabolic rate indicates how high the body's need for calories is in the “resting state”.

Is there a difference between women and men?

Usually, the basal metabolic rate for men is around 10 percent higher than that of women. Why is that? Men usually own more Muscle mass and less adipose tissue than women. From this one can conclude that the increase in muscle mass also increases the basal metabolic rate.

The basal metabolic rate can also be influenced by the hormonal balance, fever, medication or the climate.

What happens if you fall below the basal metabolic rate?

If the basal metabolic rate is not reached, the metabolism is also shut down at the same time.
It is most effective for the body if it then does the Musclesdegrades, even the Heart muscle is thereby reduced. However, the breakdown of muscles also reduces the body's ability to break down fat.

The consequence of falling below the basal metabolic rate is that you gain weight much faster after the diet than before. This means that you can often be even fatter after your diet. You probably know that under the term Jojo effect.

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What should I watch out for if I want to lose weight quickly?

So that you do not fall victim to the yo-yo effect, you should make sure that you do not fall below the basal metabolic rate. Calculate your basal metabolic rate for this - either yourself or online.

9 tips on how to increase your fat metabolism:

1. Weight training

This is great for increasing your fat metabolism Strength training. Because muscles are an active body mass.

Just 1 kilogram of muscle mass causes the basal metabolic rate to skyrocket. And that around up to 100 calories during the day. When you do physical activity, the muscles burn more energy.

For example, if you have a strenuous workout behind you, your basal metabolic rate increases for up to four days. This is the so-called Afterburn effect.

Regular strength training is good on the one hand because of the afterburn effect, but on the other hand it is also great because you have an increase in muscle mass. Then of course you also have a higher energy requirement.

2. Sharpness

It's great for burning fat too spicy foods to take to you. These include chillies. If you start to sweat it is a sign of increased metabolic processes.

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But be careful: the effect is not particularly great and of course the spicy dishes are not particularly stomach-friendly.

3. Regular meals

A good tip for a good metabolism is to several small meals to take in the day. These keep the metabolism at a higher level than few but large meals.

If you skip meals for a long time, the metabolism drops so that it is prepared for supply bottlenecks. But it also increases the likelihood of stored energy as body fat.

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4. Sauna

This is a hot tip for a great metabolism Sauna. Taking a sauna promotes regeneration and increases the metabolism. Taking a sauna can also increase oxygen uptake.

When taking a sauna, you expose yourself to extreme conditions. The skin naturally begins to sweat a lot when you visit the sauna.

The inside of your body only heats up by 1-2 degrees during the sauna. Of course, you want to increase your body temperature while taking a sauna, but this also speeds up your metabolism.

5. Hot drinks in the morning and cold drinks throughout the day

A good tip to increase the basal metabolic rate is also a hot glass of water or a unsweetened hot tea in the morning. Immediately after getting up, these drinks stimulate the fat metabolism.

If you then eat cold food and drinks, such as water with lots of ice cubes, throughout the day, or also Ice cubes sucks, it can increase your metabolism.

6. Drink water

The metabolism can also be strengthened and stimulated if you keep your body hydrated.

Good hydration is also important for performance. There are no upper limits when it comes to drinking. Here you can get tips on how to drink water.

7. Alternating showers

The body consumes energy by getting used to the alternating showers. This boosts your metabolism and also helps you with low blood pressure.

The muscles also stretch and contract again during alternating showers. This leads to faster regeneration. It is best if you take a hot shower. The hotter you shower the better. But don't get burned! The same goes for cold water. Begin always with hot water and finish the shower with cold water. One minute can be taken as the duration of the interval.

8. Sleep

It's no secret that people who don't like to sleep or sleep very little tend to be overweight. People who sleep more stay with the same calorie intake slimmer. Why this is so is not certain. So going to bed early also helps to counteract excess weight.

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9. Endurance training

In contrast to strength training, endurance training does not have the same potential to increase the basal metabolic rate.

For example, if you do an hour at 65% of the maximum Heart rate if you exercise, you only consume around 300 to 400 calories. So you would have to do 3 hours of endurance training a week to make up for a hearty meal.
The afterburn effect is also not as high with endurance training as with strength training.

10. Omega 3 fatty acids

As we all know, omega 3 fatty acids are important for many things. But especially for the metabolism. The supply of omega 3 fatty acids activates genes that are responsible for burning fat. These increase the basal metabolic rate by a few calories.

You can find omega 3 fatty acids mainly in fish, seafood, walnuts, rapeseed, flaxseed, soy, walnut oil, soy oil and linseed oil.

The Rapeseed oil has gained popularity in recent years and is well suited for use in the kitchen. The great thing about it is that you can also use rapeseed oil for frying. In terms of taste, it is also probably the most neutral oil among the omega 3 oils. So let's go, use oil with omega 3 fatty acids from now on.

11. Everyday activities

If you increase your physical activity in everyday life, you can also increase the basal metabolic rate. If you exercise regularly, you will also permanently increase your metabolism.

Activities that you can increase in everyday life are, for example, avoiding elevators, doing housework within a certain time or practicing sporting hobbies. Besides, you can Errands to foot or with the wheel do.

Our tip:

Try the tips that appeal to you the most. Then it will be easier for you to be consistent. It's best to choose 5 and keep changing.

Do you know any other ways to increase your basal metabolic rate? We look forward to your tips :)