What improves your methadone

Cancer Treatment: Can Methadone Really Help Against Cancer?

Standard therapy does not work for every cancer patient. But even if chemotherapy combats cancer, the disease and its treatment are associated with a great deal of effort. If there was a way to accelerate therapy and improve quality of life, many cancer patients would use it immediately. Dr. Claudia Friesen explained on Stern TV that this possibility really exists: the pain reliever methadone can improve the effect of chemotherapy.

Dr. Friesen is a chemist. In an interview with Steffen Hallaschka, she explained why methadone is not yet being used to fight cancer: "There are too many headwinds and there are no clinical studies with large numbers of cases." There are already corroborating research results that show the pain reliever to be effective. The problem is that there aren't enough studies yet. According to Friesen, this is due to insufficient funding: "In the meantime, it is even the case that I no longer even receive funding for my basic research."

Can cancer cells die from methadone?

It has been ten years since Friesen discovered that methadone can kill cancer cells. She now knows: "Methadone can break the tumor cell's resistance to the chemotherapeutic agent and ensures that the chemotherapeutic agent can work." The pain reliever has already worked for many cancer patients, emphasized Dr. Friezes. Stern TV showed this on the basis of the treatment of a patient with a brain tumor.

At the age of 36, Sabine Kloske was diagnosed with a brain tumor, the doctors didn't give her much time - she might survive for another year. Today Kloske is 38 years old and no longer has a tumor. In addition to her chemoradiotherapy, she had started taking methadone early. Her main goal was to improve her chances of survival - but it meant that she no longer has cancer today. And so, according to Friesen, it is not an isolated case.

Methadone restored quality of life to cancer patients

Claudia Friesen has collected more than 350 patient data, all of them with MRI images, which are intended to prove that metastases decrease significantly when methadone is taken, and in some cases even disappear completely. "Most of the time, it is bedridden patients who cannot actually do anything. And when they are switched to methadone, they can suddenly get up again, can do their housework again, many can go on vacation, so lead a normal life again. For For many, the quality of life alone is worth using methadone, "stresses Friesen.

The pain reliever has already helped many cancer patients. The fact that methadone is still of no interest to the pharmaceutical industry is perhaps due to the low price: "When I see what methadone costs, between eight and 20 euros for 100 milliliters, which lasts four to six weeks, and compare that with the very expensive drugs that then For 20,000 to 25,000 euros, methadone hardly stands a chance. " sh