Billionaires should pay more taxes

For reconstruction after the corona crisis : Millionaires are demanding higher taxes - for themselves

A group of 83 millionaires from seven countries are campaigning for higher taxes for the rich and super-rich to fund social rebuilding after the coronavirus pandemic. The signatory group is called "Millionaires for Humanity".

A number of organizations, including the aid organization Oxfam, support this call. Oxfam pointed out in Berlin that as a result of the Corona crisis, an additional half a billion people could fall into poverty.

"It is possible to adequately finance our health systems, schools and social security with the help of permanently higher taxes for the richest people on this planet," said an open letter distributed on Monday by Oxfam and other aid organizations. Governments would have to raise the necessary funds to combat the consequences of the corona crisis and use them fairly, according to the open letter.

The problems caused by the pandemic "cannot be solved by charity, no matter how generous it may be," the group explains. "Permanently higher taxes for the richest people on this planet, for people like us" are necessary to finance the reconstruction.

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The letter comes out ahead of the meeting of G20 finance ministers and the EU summit, which will take place later this week. "Millions of people will lose their jobs, some of them permanently," warn the signatories. The tax burden on the super-rich makes it “possible to adequately finance our health systems, schools and social security”.

Prominent signatories of the open letter are the German start-up investor and philanthropist Dr. Mariana Bozesan, the founder of the Warehouse Group, the New Zealander Sir Stephen Tindall, the British screenwriter and director Richard Curtis, the US filmmaker Abigail Disney and the co-founder of the US ice cream brand Ben & Jerry's, Jerry Greenfield.

There are a total of five Germans among the predominantly US-American signatories. In addition to Bozesan, there are also Christina Hansen, Cédric Schmidtke, Antonis Schwarz and Ralph Suikat. (Tsp, AFP, kna)

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