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Storage yard building materials

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The storage place for the building materials

Sometimes it is inevitable to store certain building materials on site for a period of time.

You should therefore draw up a construction site equipment plan prior to the construction project (see also the construction site equipment chapter).

The most suitable storage locations can be identified in the construction site setup plan.

Basically, you can store everything on your private property that is non-toxic and cannot get into the groundwater (such as oil).

If you are unsure or have any questions, please contact your responsible building authority.

The storage area should be centrally located, i.e. close to the processing location.

The storage area must not block any traffic routes on the construction site.

The storage space should not be in a place that has to be built later.

The storage area for building materials must be sufficiently strong.

Heavy loads should not be stored on floors that cannot withstand the weight.

Above all, you should not place heavy loads on e.g. wooden beam ceilings.

Stones should be stored in a fortified place.

In principle, care should be taken to ensure that building materials are not contaminated in their storage area.

You should be able to have a dry storage area that can be ventilated and is clean.

Some materials, such as plasterboard, should also be stored on stands so that they can be well ventilated.

Containers for cement must not contain any residues from other cement classes or substances.

Bag cement must be protected from moisture.

In dry places, cement can be stored forever.

Areas that come into contact with the cement must be clean (access roads, vehicles, storage areas, protection from leaves).

Bitumen emulsion is stored in insulated tanks.

Excavated soil must be stored separately from topsoil.

All construction waste must be collected and sorted on site immediately.

Wood waste must be stored separately from other construction waste.

The storage area for building materials should be protected from rain, snow and hail.

Precipitation can damage your building materials.

Notes on storage space for building materials

For the storage of building material on the roadway, you need a special permit from the responsible road traffic authority.

The storage of building materials must not attract vermin.

Beware of thieves!

Secure your storage space for building materials well.

Theft of building materials or damage to building materials on the construction site are not insured.

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