Do you like to travel internationally alone?

Solo travel: why more and more women are traveling alone

What was considered pitiful not so long ago is now a trend: traveling alone. Women in particular seem to like the idea of ​​discovering the world independently. We explain why and give tips on how such a trip can be a success

Heather felt a bit abandoned when I saw her sitting on the beach in front of the hostel in Tofo. Maybe that's why I joined her. We were quickly involved in a conversation and Heather turned out to be a happy solo traveler who could have spent hours alone on the beach. "I do this every year, ideally for three weeks. If I can just be to myself, it's best to relax."

She had just come from Ethiopia and after Mozambique she was going back home to England. My initial pity quickly turned into admiration and left me with the question: Would I feel so comfortable traveling alone?

Solo travel is the trend

More and more holidaymakers traveling alone can answer this question with a clear "yes". Because the trend to move out into the big wide world without a travel partner is growing. Eight out of ten Germans have already been traveling alone, and the trend is rising, as a 2016 study by the travel search engine "Skyscanner" shows.

Even in Heather's home country of England, "Solo Traveling" has long ceased to be a niche topic, as the ABTA Holiday Habits Report 2016 found out. According to this, 79 percent of those surveyed said that the freedom to do what they want would be the main reason for traveling alone.

Admittedly, on a solo trip, not taking the needs of fellow travelers into consideration, arranging the days on site as the mood takes you and returning with a bag full of stories that belong only to you sounds tempting.

Women in particular see traveling alone as an opportunity to demonstrate their independence to themselves and the world. Almost 30 percent of those questioned in the "Skyscanner" study gave this as a motivation for traveling alone without a partner.

Almost 40 percent cited safety concerns as the biggest hurdle for traveling alone, while for men it was the partnership. Women, like Heather, who prefer independence to safety concerns can easily go on world tours and road trips, but a few golden rules are advisable, as with any trip.

There are now many female travel bloggers, whether international or German-speaking, who devote themselves exclusively to the topic of women traveling alone and share their experiences about traveling. Well-known travel bloggers include Ute Kranz (alias bravebird), Anja Beckmann (alias travelontoast) and Carina Herrmann (alias Pink Compass).

What women traveling alone should pay attention to

Are you toying with the idea of ​​going away on your own? We have put together a few tips for traveling alone and show you what to look out for when you are traveling alone as a woman.

Find the right destination

For the first solo trip, we recommend a culture that is similar to your own or a country in which the language barrier is not so high, so the first hurdles have already been overcome and you can devote yourself to the actual adventure more quickly.

That does not mean that you have to stay in Europe to travel alone: ​​In addition to Scandinavia and Great Britain, Bali and Australia are among the most popular destinations for women traveling alone.

Five travel destinations for singles

In the following video we introduce you to five countries around the world that are particularly suitable for solo travelers and provide you with business tips.

Trust in your own feelings

Your own gut feeling is also the best guide when traveling. Invitations to a spontaneous jaunt with someone you only recently met in the bar would not necessarily be accepted at home, so why be away from there? Solo travelers should not be afraid to decline offers during the trip if their gut feeling is wrong.

Be flexible when planning your trip

If you don't travel alone in order to stay alone for the entire trip, you should be open to spontaneous changes in the itinerary. Did you meet a nice group in the hostel who still have a place in the car? Here we go! Nevertheless, here too, it is important to trust your own feelings. As soon as the spontaneous acquaintance no longer feels right, one should find the courage to travel on alone again.

Use the white lie

Even if it may not be in our nature, women traveling alone can escape some unpleasant situations with a simple white lie when traveling. In many countries in South America or Africa, women traveling alone can arouse curiosity, especially among men.

The travel blogger Ute Kranz (bravebird) advises in such cases, for example, not to reveal that you are alone when traveling alone: ​​The friend was unable to come with you because of the job or is still showering in the hotel.

Leave a trace on the journey

Backpackers who are traveling alone should always inform someone on their solo trip about where they are going next and what the plans are. With which bus company or carpool you are currently traveling and when you want to be at your destination. In the event that something should happen on the trip, there are concrete starting points.

Huge groups: women alone together

There are destinations that can be found on many travel bucket lists, but only rarely do women dare to go there alone and join appropriate group trips. This is also confirmed, for example, by the booking situation of the travel agent G Adventures. Accordingly, women traveling alone often book group trips to India, Iran and Colombia.

Some providers specifically address this niche and offer women-only tours. Those who prefer to look for a travel partner or exchange on their own will find explicit groups for single trips on the Internet and on Facebook. With Tourlina there is even an app that specializes in women traveling alone.