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Naturalization: Information on the procedure and application for naturalization

A German residence permit enables foreigners to stay in this country, to work and to rent an apartment. However, there are usually certain conditions or a additional effort tied to passing the title. After a while in Germany, some people decide to get naturalization.

What is meant by the term "German naturalization"that those affected have their original citizenship give up and accept the German citizenship for it. This means you can enjoy exactly the same Rights and obligations like German-born people.

For the German state, the Naturalization of foreigners an opportunity to bind people who have lived in the country for a long time and are productive in society to the country.

But who can have a German citizenship according to Naturalization Act acquire? Which requirements must be fulfilled and how does the procedure work? In this guide you will find information all about naturalization. Cost and duration of the procedure as well as the individual conditions of naturalization are presented in following article broken down.

How can you get German citizenship?

No matter, how long You are already in Germany, one naturalization does not take place automatically: you only acquire German citizenship Request. Before you do this, you should check that you have the required conditions fulfill.

If this is not the case, the decision is positive almost impossible. In Germany there is one facilitated naturalization extremely rarely to be obtained if this is the case public interest of the state. In this case it is from one Discretionary naturalization the speech.

Who meets the conditions?

Basically, people in Germany can have a naturalization who are at least 16 years old and have a residence permithave. You should also have been at least eight years stay in Germany.

However, under certain circumstances it is sufficient seven or even six years out.

They also need to be able to handle your Livelihood self-finance. So refer for example Social assistance or Hartz IV, your application for naturalization will likely not be approved.

Naturalization checklist: have all requirements been met?

  • Do you live in the right circle?
  • Proof: registration certificate available?
  • Are you at least 16 years old?
  • Proof: do you have a birth certificate?
  • Which citizenship (s) do you currently have?
  • Proof (s): National or passport available?
  • What kind of residence permit do you have?
  • Proof: do you have a copy of the title?
  • How long have you been in Germany?
  • Evidence if you have lived in this country for more than 8 years: All documents confirming your stay - for example: rental agreement, employment contract, invoices ...
  • Evidence if you have lived in this country for at least 7 years: Additional certificate of a successfully completed integration course
  • Evidence if you have lived in this country for at least 6 years: Additional evidence of German language skills at level B2
  • Proof if you have lived in Germany for at least 3 years: Additional proof (extract from the register) of a marriage or civil partnership to a German citizen that has existed for at least two years
  • Are you committed to Germany's basic democratic order?
  • Can you provide for your own living and that of any dependents?
  • Proof: employment contract or pay slip available?
  • Are you unpunished here and abroad?
  • Are you currently under investigation for a criminal offense?
  • Are you ready to give up your current citizenship?

consider it: Also, if you meet the above requirements for naturalization, this is it no guarantee to a successful process. The relevant authorities in Individual case checked.

This is how the naturalization process works

You were able to do all of the points on the list above "Yes" answer and have all proof at hand, you can get one naturalization apply for. Below you will find information about the individual steps of the Procedure.

Apply for naturalization

To get the process rolling is a Application for German citizenship necessary. The is responsible for processing the application Immigration and Citizenship Service Your city or your district.

In some federal states that is citizen office or the foreigners Authority The right person to speak to.

In most cases, you can get the form necessary for naturalization from the Internet presence of the city. However, it is advisable to apply for German citizenship to be picked up personally. In this way, the authorities can provide you with city or country-specific particularities explain and tell you explicitly, which documents in addition to the application are necessary.

Usually you have to at least the following documents submit:

  • Completed Request
  • Birth certificate
  • Copy of the Passport
  • Copy of the residency permit in Germany
  • Proof of language proficiency (Level B1)
  • employment contract
  • rental contract
Depending on which situation You may need additional documents. Check with the competent authority in advancewhich papers are to be presented. Submit a full application, avoid Delays and naturalization is possible faster.

Because the application for naturalization from a legal point of view no special shape must match, you can also use one informal writing Submit. However, it is to be expected that the authority will give you one at this point official application that you should fill out. An informal application therefore usually only leads to Delays.

This information is required

Although every city - or every district - is a own form used to naturalization, ask the following questions about naturalization consensus dar:

  • Personal data - incl. Telephone number and email
  • Personal data of your Civil partner or spouse
  • Personal data of all of your children
  • Personal data of your parents
  • Personal data of Parents of your domestic partner or spouse
  • Details of the Marriage of your parents and in-laws
  • Information on former marriages or civil partnerships
  • Precise details of all of your Whereabouts since you were born
  • Similar information to the Whereabouts of your spouse or partner
  • Description of your current work
  • Description of the current Work of your partner
  • Exact breakdown of your income

Your Motifsto obtain German citizenship not questioned.

Language test and naturalization test

One of the necessary requirements for naturalization is that you have sufficient language skills feature. At least that is required Level B1 - If you would like to be naturalized after 6 years of residence, even that is Level B2 required.

You can't appropriate evidence submit is a Language test to be completed. Here you must demonstrate that you have sufficient knowledge of German communicate can.

It is also important to have a Naturalization test to pass. This examines the extent to which you are familiar with the legal, social and democratic order in Germany set apart to have. The test consists of 33 questions. Three of these questions relate specifically to that federal statein which you are registered. The test should provide information on whether the first steps to integration were undertaken.

tip: You can answer all questions about naturalization in advance on the website of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) view and run a test test.

Assurance of German naturalization

If all conditions are met, your Application granted and you get one Assurance for naturalization. But you are by no means at that point naturalized! The assurance enables you to use the next step to tackle.

Attention: The assurance of naturalization can be restored withdrawn when the applicant's situation changes changes!

Now it's up to you to take care of one Release from your current citizenship to strive. Here apply depending on the country of origin other conditions - Check with the competent authorities of your Homeland.

Not until you have given up your original citizenship can show, the naturalization is carried out.

Is it you not possibleto obtain a discharge from your country of origin may be effective Exemption from dual citizenship. More on this later.

Naturalization certificate and German passport

Are all steps completed, you will receive an unsolicited one Naturalization certificate sent by post. This document seals the naturalization: You are therefore to German citizens become.

With the certificate you can get a ID card and apply for a passport.

Framework conditions for naturalization: costs, duration and Co.

Applicants are of particular interest the cost and duration of the procedure until their naturalization completed is.

The costs for the naturalization procedure amount to:

  • 255 euros per applicant
  • 51 euros per child who is to be naturalized together with their parents

However, the authorities usually show themselves flexiblewhen it comes to paying this amount. Instruct those affected low income before or if there is a multiple naturalization, the fee can reduced, paid in installments or even completely painted become.

Which model is used decides the respective authority in each individual case.

In addition come 25 euros for the naturalization test as well as any additional costs for the exhibition or Authentication various documents.

The length of the procedure can be severe vary. If you submit all the necessary documents with the application and your original citizenship is released quickly, you can within six weeks get a naturalization.

However, do documents have to be submitted later or does communication with the Country of origin longer, the procedure can change over two years drag on for a long time.

It is therefore advisable to apply for naturalization only then to sendif you can enclose all documents.

Is naturalization with dual citizenship possible?

As a rule, naturalization requires the conscious decision of the applicant to give up their previous citizenship. Only in exceptions is it possible to get the old citizenship to keep.

In the following cases, a dual citizenship possible with naturalization:

  • Country of origin does not permit release from citizenship
  • Country of origin does not respond for two years on the request
  • Country of origin does not provide for a relinquishment of citizenship
  • Country of origin presents conditions that are too severe
  • The health status of the applicant difficult a release from the original citizenship
2017 do not allow the following states to be released: Afghanistan, Algeria, Eritrea, Iran, Cuba, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria and Tunisia. If you come from one of these countries, you will receive one dual citizenship. In this case shortened The duration of the procedure is usually a step towards obtaining naturalization ceases to exist.

How does naturalization work for refugees?

Also refugees, those in this country asylumgranted, after a certain period of stay a naturalization apply for. In principle, refugees must also do the above conditions suffice.

Nevertheless, the state sees one on some points some relief in front. The reason for this is that refugees have escaped to Germany and the subsequent stay do not plan in advance could. In addition, a residence permit is issued in Asylum procedureat the beginning only temporarily.

asylum familyor recognized refugees receive a residence permit from after the initial application a maximum of 3 years. This creates a certain uncertainty for many: It is not clear if and for how long a stay will still be possible.

Therefore, the following simplifications apply:

  • The linguistic proficiency do not necessarily have to correspond to the B1 level. Affected must nevertheless be able to adequately speak in German communicate.
  • Easier criteria are given at Naturalization test applied.
  • The regular minimum length of stay is included six years - not as usual at eight years of age.
  • If the persecution - i.e. the reason to flee - persists, there is one dual citizenship possible.

However, all other conditions are fully to be fulfilled.

Naturalization of minor children

Would parents Naturalize children under 16 Of course, special provisions apply. Indeed it can no naturalization test are required of the child. Still it has to Basic knowledge proof of the German language.

A minimum stay of eight years is also mandatory in this case - both for the children and theirs parents. In this respect, these provisions only apply to children between eight and 16 Years.

If the child is 14 years or older, it is considered to be criminal responsibility. Therefore, in this case too, the question is about Impunity to answer. The commitment to the free democratic basic order not applicable however.

Danger! Since this guide is about the German citizenship for foreignersr turns, these provisions apply to underage children two foreigners. One parent owned the when the child was born German citizenship, is a naturalization according to ius sanguinis - Right of blood - possible.
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Naturalization: Information on the procedure and application for naturalization
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