How many minutes should sex last

How long does good sex last?

Most people consider three to seven minutes to be "adequate" and seven to thirteen minutes to be "desirable". And if it takes up to half an hour, then for many it will be too long again. At least that's what the study by the American psychology professor Eric Corty says, who also published his research results in the "Journal of Sexual Medicine". Another serious study was carried out by German urologists - afterwards the penetrative (nice word, right?) Phase of a sexual act lasts between 3 and 6 minutes. After this period, 90% of men orgasm. It's a bit more complicated with women: if they're not aroused enough, the guy can plow for hours - nothing will happen, even if she's been lithe with yoga and impressed with roses.

3.5 minutes - sob!

And then there is the matter of self-assessment: a condom manufacturer asked in a large inter-European poll how long the actual act with its customers - emotionally - lasts. The men gave 20 minutes, the women 10 minutes. Some agreed to have this assessment checked: After using a watch for checking, the truth came to light: an average of 3.5 minutes was copulated. The writer Paulo Coelho was pretty wrong. “Eleven minutes”, says his book of the same name, is the time that you normally need for sex. Think.


SQ instead of IQ?

But let's be honest: Sometimes the seasoning is short! Sometimes it's not all about orgasm! And sometimes a sex marathon that stretches for hours (don't worry: with breaks!) Is something wonderful. But we humans like to measure ourselves, because everything that can be measured becomes tangible somehow. But the attempt to fix qualities and quantities in bed fails again and again. The Brazilian sexologist Carmita Abdo developed a method as early as 2005 that should make the quality of sexual life measurable and assessable. The basis for the “SQ” was a questionnaire that covered the whole range of sexuality from foreplay to erections and orgasms. Both physical and emotional components of sexual life would be taken into account. The SQ brings objectivity into the debate about what good sex is, it said. The problem: the answers were based on self-assessments. And nowhere is more lied about than about sexual prowess. Adbo declared their project a failure.

Enjoy sex no matter how long it lasts or how often you come. You can really let anything and everyone in your bed. But please: not a stopwatch.