Is jajangmyeon chinese or korean food

Jajangmyeon Street in Incheon Chinatown (인천 차이나 타운 자장면 거리)


The story of Jajangmyeon Street begins in 1905 when the Gonghwachun Chinese restaurant opened and developed Jajangmyeon, noodles in black bean sauce. In the 1970s its popularity decreased, but with the increase in the range of e.g. Chinese alcohol, dumplings and bread, the street was able to develop again into a popular area and is now a popular excursion destination. There is a wide variety of Chinese restaurants on Jajangmyeon Street that not only sell Jajangmyeon but also other foods such as Chinese pancakes. There are also shops for jewelry and household items, and on weekends the street is filled with visitors who want to take photos of the beautiful scenery. The most popular dishes on Jajangmyeon Street are Jjamppong (Chinese noodle soup with vegetables and seafood) and of course Jajangmyeon in all its variations (standard, Chinese style, traditional style, etc.)

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