Offers Walmart paid vacation

Top 10 Reads of 2019. # 4: Walmart offers truckers an annual salary of $ 87,500

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After recruiting over 1,400 new truckers in 2018, the American supermarket chain Walmart plans to hire hundreds more truckers this year. To this end, the company is changing the recruiting system and has been increasing trucker salaries since February.

A faster recruiting process, scoring system and mentoring are elements that should help in the recruitment of truck drivers. Sales in the branches increased by 3% last year, which led to an increased demand for transports. Therefore, the time between the first conversation with the driver and the assessment of his skills at the wheel has been reduced by half. In this way, potential employees go through a training course involving experienced truckers from the company more quickly.

-Interviews increase our candidates' skill levels as well as their experience, said Lori Furnell, Talent Acquisition Director at Walmart.

$ 87,500 - A Lot Or A Little?

The salary increase for truckers is not irrelevant. As of February, Walmart drivers make an average of $ 87,500 a year. The company is also helping drivers by introducing stable working hours.

Such a sum of the annual remuneration can make an impression. It should be noted at this point, however, that employment conditions in the United States are very different from those in Europe.

First, Americans are not entitled to paid vacation, and when they are, it is rarely used. It is estimated that workers in the United States take an average of 15-16 days of vacation during the year.

Walmart has been paying more attention to employee satisfaction lately. In early February, for example, the company announced a new policy on paid time off designed to give employees more flexibility. It can therefore be assumed that a truck driver at Walmart works 287 days a year. Assuming he spends an average of 10 hours a day, his average annual salary is $ 87,500. This gives an hourly wage of $ 29.86. For an eight-hour workday, the hourly wage would even be $ 38.10.

For comparison, a year ago the minimum wage for Walmart employees was $ 11 an hour (which was already above the average of $ 7.25 an hour). The company employs 2.2 million people worldwide who earn anywhere from $ 50,000 to $ 170,000 annually.

Photo: Wallmart