Have you ever met a naughty child?


Tim "Ripper" Owens (ICED EARTH, BEYOND FEAR)

He is the greatest singing talent of the last decade, even if he ultimately had to return the mic at Judas Priest to Rob Halford and has inherited a similarly difficult legacy at Iced Earth. With his new band Beyond Fear, TIM "RIPPER" OWENS is finally standing on his own two feet.

Where and how did you grow up?

I have lived practically my entire life in Akron, Ohio - a city of 220,000 souls whose residents lived mainly from the production of car tires. Much of the industry has now moved to other cities, but when I was young, Akron was the world's automobile tire hub. I grew up with my parents, my brother, our dog and our cat in the most normal way that one can imagine. I played a lot of baseball because my dad was a baseball coach in his spare time. Oh, wait a minute - the phone rings ...

(After a short pause :) It was a teacher from Akron who invited me to his school. I'm supposed to explain to his students in the morning what they can do with their life, hahaha! You see, I'm a citizen of Akron, Ohio, heart and soul!

What was the stupidest thing you ever did in your life?

To marry too early. I have a daughter with my ex-wife who I took to the aisle when I was 19.

And what are you ashamed of?

I once shit my pants on stage, but thank God nobody noticed ...

Were you so nervous

No. It was a so-called "shart" - a fart that Land came with. I had just started a particularly high-pitched scream and the pressure was so great.

I can think of another story: When I was a little boy I set off the fire alarm on our street corner. Suddenly there were all the fire engines with their sirens, and the fire chief came straight to our house where I was hiding. I guess I've never been more scared in my life! Of course, my parents quickly discovered that I was the culprit and placed me under house arrest for a full month.

I was also very embarrassed about my second show on the "Jugulator" European tour, which took place somewhere in Germany Singer has very high demands on me and would have loved to sink into the ground that evening. I bent it down a bit, but I was very, very uncomfortable ...

Have you ever been to jail?

God knows I'm not an orphan, but I've never been in jail.

What are you afraid of?

Of spiders, snakes and fat women!

What would you say to God if he ran into you?

I don't believe in God, but first of all I would ask him where he has been all along.

What about Satan?

I would ask him if he saw my cousin Mike anywhere.

Is that an allusion that we need to understand?

No hahaha! Mike was a very naughty child who sadly died early. If someone has taken him under his wing, it is most likely Satan ...

I take it from that that you are anything but religious. Correct?


Would you describe yourself as conservative or more liberal?

Um, difficult question ...

You can be honest.

That's not that easy. I have many different views and I couldn't decide which side to go with. There are conservative traits about me, but just as liberal.

What was the funniest prank you played on someone?

Oh, I remember a bad story: My son was born two and a half years ago, and all of my relatives came to visit to see him. Everyone was sitting peacefully in the garden when I "accidentally" dropped the basket with the baby from the porch steps. Of course my son wasn't in it, but my mother was scared to death.

That's not exactly nice!

I know. My parents live very close to me. I recently visited her with my son. When I drove back home, I put the child seat on the roof of the car and "forgot" to take it down before driving off. My mother stood at the window and thought the little one was in his seat on the roof of the car. She ran after the car screaming while I was driving around the corner. Of course I had secretly put my son in the back seat beforehand ...

My God, and your mother can take it?

Yeah, hahaha, she's used to trouble with me. We even secretly filmed the story of the child seat on the car roof.

Has a fan ever really got on your nerves?

Oh yes, it does. Some are so clingy that you just can't get rid of them. If they then have the worst bad breath and stick to your shoulder, it can be very exhausting. Of course you stay calm and nice anyway, because you're grateful to have fans at all - but there is a guy in New York who has been sticking to my heels since winter's Bane and is always in the front row, completely drunk. He always tries to grab my mic to lure me out of my reserve, even though he actually likes me. Recently I had to threaten him from the stage because he was constantly trying to steal my microphone. When the rest of the audience tried to upset him, I had to explain to people that I've known the guy for eight years and that we're actually almost friends ...

Logical. You seem to be quite a pain in the ass yourself!

Right, hahaha! I was the same as a teenage fan. There was a band around here called US Metal that I loved and that I besieged backstage whenever I could. I annoyed the boys until they offered me the job of the singer. The same thing happened later with Judas Priest: I'm a persistent fan who ultimately takes over the position of singer, hahaha!

What are you particularly proud of?

First of all, my family and my three children. I have a 17-year-old daughter from my first marriage and, with my current wife, Tim Jr., who is two and a half years old. and the nine and a half month old Taylor. They keep me busy around the clock. Of course, I am also very proud to have got the job at Judas Priest and to have been nominated for a Grammy.

Is there anyone you hate?

No, not really. I hate terrorists and warmongers, but not anyone I know personally. I think I'm pretty easy to get along with; therefore I have no enemies.

What would take a lot of courage from you?

To climb on somewhere. I'm terrified of heights, and the older I get, the worse it gets. Skydiving? Forget it!

How would you spend the last day of your life

I would stuff myself with anything I like 24/7! There are many nice restaurants here in America where you can march to the buffet as often as you want. I would empty entire restaurant chains with my family and squander all my money in the process!

Which three wishes would you like to fulfill?

First, I would like enough money for the rest of my life. Second, happiness and contentment for my family. And third: I would like to be the best golfer in the world. I'm a big golf fan, but a terribly bad player because my kids don't give me enough time to practice.

What is the most important invention of mankind?

The fly!

Which public office would you run for?

For none at all. Politics doesn't interest me the bean.

Has a record company ever really pulled you off?

Yes - and I'll be happy to tell you which: Massacre. I didn't get a tired cent for the Winters Bane record. Of course, I am also aware that there wasn't a lot of money to be made ...

What's your worst trait?

My lack of patience. I always want everything immediately. I can get very uncomfortable when someone transfers me or makes me wait. After all, I can't go on stage at the Rock Hard Festival when it suits me.

And your greatest strength?

That I always try to be precisely prepared for the point. I'm punctual and very reliable - even if my wife thinks I'm a lazy bastard at home.

What kind of music do you hate?

Rap. And boring mainstream pop.

What is the most important thing for you in life besides music?

My family, no doubt. I spend every free minute with my children and my wife. I'm also very athletic.

Could you have saved Kurt Cobain from suicide?

No, definitely not. Whoever marries Courtney Love inevitably shoots himself. Cobain was a poor pig, as was Layne Staley from Alice In Chains and this Mother Love Bone Fritze (Andrew Wood - Ed.). Depressed and drug-eaten souls. Such people cannot be saved; they die every day.

Which three albums would you take with you to a desert island?

Black Sabbath - "Heaven And Hell", Judas Priest - "Sad Wings Of Destiny" and Iced Earth - "The Glorious Burden".

Which book do you read at the moment?

After this interview I will probably start reading the Bible.

Do you think you can make it to the top without turning into a money-hungry asshole?

Without any doubt. I've been to Judas Priest and met all of my heroes - Ronnie James Dio, Rob Halford, etc - and I'm still just a normal guy. If you don't believe me, you are welcome to stuff all your money down my throat to see if it changes me! But I have to admit that I like to spend money ...

What is it best for?

For cars. I don't drive an expensive sledge - my black mini-van cost about $ 15,000 - but I would be tempted to have more money.

Which figure in contemporary history would you like to talk to?

With Elvis. He was the king - and if he were still alive, he would probably be the most popular person in the world today.



with Winters Bane:

Heart Of A Killer (1993)

with Judas Priest:

Jugulator (1997)

´98 Live Meltdown (Live, 1998)

Demolition (2001)

Live In London (Live, 2003)

with Iced Earth:

The Glorious Burden (2004)

with Beyond Fear:

Beyond Fear (2006)

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