What are the characteristics of a Republican

The Republicans

In addition to the Democrats, there is also the Republican Party in Congress. It ranks second next to the Democratic Party with around 55 members and has so far brought 18 presidents to the White House. At the moment there are presidential elections in the USA again and it will be interesting to see whether a Democratic or a Republican president will rule America for the next four years. The game is also known as the Grand Old Party in the United States. Like the Democrats, they too have an animal mascot in the form of the elephant. The color of the Republicans is red.

The history

In 1854, slavery was a big issue. To combat this, Abraham Lincoln and other opponents of slavery founded what is now the Republican Party. Since the Democratic Party already existed at that time, the Northern and Southern conflict meant that many from the northern states left there to join the Republicans. In 1860, Abraham Lincoln was elected the first Republican president, which meant that the Democrats were now only second on the list of parties. Finally, in 1865, the Republicans managed to create another success. With more votes in Congress, they managed to end slavery. They stayed at the top for the next fifty years until the two world wars put the Democrats first.

The goals of the game

In addition to their conservative stance, Republicans are primarily committed to a private economy with little state power, national security, border protection, the fight against illegal immigrants, and tax cuts. Social issues or environmental protection are of secondary importance. On the other hand, they completely reject marriage of same-sex couples or abortion.

The voters

The voters of the Republican Party are primarily to be found in small towns and suburbs, in the business middle class, with the common people in the country and in the upper classes, who mostly come from the Northwest, the South or the Great Plains.


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