Black Adam is as strong as Superman

"The Rock" becomes "Black Adam" on a new poster

Dwayne Johnson's glorious success story rolls on inexorably. Now the US star grants a first look at his debut as a superhero.

From wrestling star to savior of troubled franchise titles and (so to speak) back: Dwayne Johnson has been at the forefront of success for years. After helping film series like “Fast & Furious” or “Jumanji” to new, old strengths and has become an indispensable part of the cinema, the US star is now finally aiming for his comic film debut. For DC, “The Rock” will take to the skies from 2021 as Black Adam, Shazam's darkest opponent.

A first poster, including casual concept art, which the 47-year-old colossus shared yesterday via social media, now marked the start of production. But see for yourself:

Of course, Dwayne Johnson also insisted on thanking his fans for the deep trust and active support that made him who he is today in the first place. Like every child, he always had the dream of being a superhero like Superman - thanks to DC, the DC Extended Universe, the basic idea of ​​a "Black Adam" solo film and his friends Jim Lee and Bosslogic, this childhood dream is finally becoming a reality .

Already in “Shazam!” With Zachary Levi, the warrior Black Adam, always indecisive between good and evil, was announced, only not directly mentioned by name. From the point of view of the DC Comics foundation, the story of Black Adam aka Teth-Adam took place long before Billy Batson's transformation into a lightning-throwing super warrior, when he accepted the power of the wizard and used his newfound skills for the favor of darkness.

The US launch of "Black Adam" was postponed to December 22, 2021. A German theatrical release is therefore likely to appear in spring 2022, maybe even earlier. Before that, however, the DCEU continues with “Birds of Prey: The Emancipation of Harley Quinn” (February 2020) and “Wonder Woman 1984” (June 2020). The Suicide Squad ”(both 2021) in German cinemas!

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