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Scary stories: telling with goosebumps guarantee

Telling scary stories: Because scary is fun

Scary stories are - of course, the name says it all - Stories with creepy content. But what do we actually find scary? Shudder is a colloquial expression for a feeling of Fear or horror and is mostly associated with the perception of something uncanny or supernatural. In other words: Shudder is when we get goose bumps or a shiver creeps down our spine, we are tense and afraid, but do not find it uncomfortable, but somehow feel good anyway. We have Fun in fear. And because the creep is just as much fun, now is the time when you and your friends can tell each other a few scary stories in the old-fashioned way. Of course, you can simply google for scary stories for this. However, it is much more entertaining if you get creative yourself and come up with your own scary story.

Create a creepy atmosphere

To boost your creativity a little, you can first ensure the right atmosphere. Sure, a campfire in the dark forest, with treetops blowing in the softly whispering wind, which is accompanied by the cracking of the fire, is of course the most scary story situation. If the campfire is not ready and you don't necessarily want to wait for fog to go on a night trip to the cemetery, you can create a creepy atmosphere with simple means. You don't necessarily need an elaborate one for this Horror decoration. Often it is enough to dim the light or artificial light sources a couple of candles to replace. If you like, you can also do it in the background play eerie music softly. It can be even more effective if you incorporate a few art breaks into your horror story and it is just quiet. That is why you and your friends should definitely switch the cell phones off or at least switch them to silent. Nothing destroys a gruesomely beautiful horror atmosphere more than annoying cell phones.

How to create a creepy atmosphere:

  • Wait till it's dark.
  • Dim the lights.
  • Put candles up.
  • Let soft, atmospheric music play in the background.
  • Take art breaks while telling the story.
  • Speak in a lowered voice.
  • Don't get distracted by your cell phone.
  • Make yourself comfortable.

This is how you tell a scary story

But whatever ambience you choose: It depends on the story you tell. And to make it really scary and beautiful, here are a few simple tips:

Structure and structure

Basically, horror stories hardly differ from other stories in terms of structure and structure. You can write your story in the classic way according to the pattern Introduction, main part, conclusion tell or jump right into the action. An arc of suspense is important. So don't shoot everything at the beginning, but slowly build up the tension. In the end then the big shocker come. Alternatively, there is also an open end. And even if not everyone has to die and drown in blood: You should not have a happy ending in your horror story.

The main characters

Ghosts, witches and vampires of course have a high horror factor. But Everyday situations also have a lot of thrills and are more believable than supernatural creatures that most don't believe in anyway. Basically, the more potential your audience can identify with the people in your story, the more they fear.

The location

The same applies here: From everyday to scary, anything is possible. Classic scenes for eerie events are of course cemeteries, dilapidated houses, old castles or palaces as well lonely forests or country roads. The insane asylum from which a dangerous mentally ill escaped is also a classic. But even a gym, a school or an amusement park can turn into a really eerie location, especially since most of the stories are anyway in the evening or at night play.

More original locations for your story:

  • an abandoned parking garage
  • a church or chapel
  • a hallway or stairwell
  • Country school home or youth hostel
  • a corn or grain field

The list goes on and on, because theoretically something scary can happen anywhere. You can also make your place seem harmless at first, only to turn it into a place of creep in the course of your story.

The content

Again to the insane lunatic who broke out of the institution: You will find this scary story in every second-rate horror film. If you really want your friends to be scared, don't tell them what everyone already knows. What you've heard umpteen times is rarely really exciting. However, that doesn't mean you don't known patterns and motifs in your story. You don't have to completely come up with everything from scratch. There are so many scary stories and incidents that you can use them as the basis of your story. But don't just recount everything one-to-one, but think of your own expressions. Sometimes it is enough to change even small aspects of the story, such as the characters or the setting, in order to add original new aspects to a supposedly familiar story.

The narrative

The best story is of no use if you don't bring it to life. Speak in a hushed voice, take dramatic pauses or disguise your voice. You can too imitate certain sounds, for example the knock on the door. You can also increase the tension if you sonorous descriptions used like scratching, gasping, or clapping. You create closeness to the listener by including him and your surroundings in the narrated situation, for example as follows: "She had long brown hair and freckles - just like you, Lisa."

Thinking up scary stories spontaneously

You can use these simple tips to make your story scary. However, you don't have to be slavish, because if you want to spontaneously tell a scary story, you should let your ideas guide you. Many twists and turns develop all of a sudden when telling stories - just give it a try. You can also choose from themes from horror films or Urban Legends get inspired and retell it. Situations in which you were frightened or feared are also suitable as a basis for your story. And if you don't want to give monologues, you can start a story and each of your friends tells them a little further. Something scary will come out of it! And if not, then at least you have something to laugh about.

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