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United Arab Emirates

Federation of Autonomous Monarchies
independent since 1971


Middle East


83,600 km²

Local name:

الإمارات العربية المتحدة / Al-Imarat al-´Arab


Abu Dhabi


The United Arab Emirates is a country in the east of the Arabian Peninsula on the Persian Gulf. The land has a total area of ​​83,600 km² and a total coastline of 1,318 km. This land mass corresponds to about 23% of the size of Germany. This makes the United Arab Emirates the 19th-smallest country in Asia and 116th worldwide. It is comparatively low at an average height of 149 meters above sea level.

Around 700 smaller and, to a large extent, artificially created islands belong to the country. There are direct national borders with the 2 neighboring states of Oman and Saudi Arabia. The distance between Berlin and the capital Abu Dhabi is approximately 4,640 km.

Current time in the United Arab Emirates:


May 2021

Gulf Standard Time (GST) applies nationwide in the United Arab Emirates. Unlike in Germany, however, there is no summer time here. So there is a time difference of 3 hours in winter. In summer, however, the time difference is 2 hours.
Sunrise + sunset
The currency in the United Arab Emirates is UAE Dirham (AED).
1 dirham is divided into 100 fils.
Status: May 18, 2021

1 euro = 4.47 dirhams
1 dirham = 0.22 euros

The climate in the Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates have a subtropical climate, so it is much drier and warmer than ours. There are heavy rain showers only in a few wetter months per year. The average maximum daily temperatures are between 25 and 41 degrees, depending on the season. In some parts of the country, the values ​​can reach up to 44 degrees during the day. In the colder months, depending on the region, the temperature drops to up to 14 ° C in the monthly average.

Average day and night temperatures


National language:


mother tonguedistribution
›Arabic42,0 %
Others58,0 %


other Muslims31,2%



With an HDI (Human Development Index) of 0.890, the United Arab Emirates are one of the most highly developed economies according to the UN definition. However, the IMF does not share this classification. Taking into account purchasing power parity, they are among the 10 richest countries in the world. Arab Emirates are sometimes referred to as tax havens.

Land use

10% urban areas:8,568 km²
5% agriculture:3,821 km²
4% forests:3,227 km²
0% water surface:12,580 km²
81% other areas:67,984 km²



Road network:4,080 km
Commercial ports:637

The main cities

Political indicators

(Based on the World Bank's "Worldwide Governance Indicators" project)

Political stability:

Rule of law:


Regulatory quality:

Freedom of speech:

Death penalty:constitutionally allowed

Existing trade agreements