How does technology bring society to life

Technology needs society

Only a quarter of Germans believe that technology solves more problems than it creates - according to a result of the TechnikRadar 2018. Technical innovations are considered important for prosperity and jobs. However, specific products and technologies do not always meet the expectations and wishes of those who are supposed to use them or who are affected by them. They only do that when technology is seen as part of the solution to problems. And it helps when technical developments are actually oriented towards the welfare of society. Almost three quarters of Germans want technology to be in harmony with objectives such as environmental protection and the enforcement of justice.

In this situation, the focus topic “Technology needs society” relies on information and debate. To this end, the foundation identifies innovations and innovators from business, science and civic engagement and enables discussions in various formats. It also shows opportunities to get involved in technology development in order to deepen your own insight.

Because it is important that the public is informed about innovations in order to be able to recognize and use their potential. But it is also important that engineers, software developers and other experts respond to socially agreed objectives when using or designing future technologies. In this way, citizens, politicians and technology designers can come to an understanding about basic course-setting, concrete framework conditions or the conscious setting of limits - and enrich the innovation process as a whole.

"Technology needs society" is a focus topic in the "Innovation" field of activity.