What is the salary of a radiologist

Salary radiologist | What does a radiologist actually earn in hospitals?

Specialist after 5 years of further training

In terms of content, the advanced training in radiology is focused on the acquisition of skills and experience in, among other things

  • Radiological examination procedures with ionizing radiation and nuclear physical procedures including diagnosis
  • the magnetic resonance procedure including the diagnosis
  • the sonography including its diagnosis
  • interventional radiological procedures
  • Sedation measures and treatment of acute painful conditions
  • Detection and treatment of acute emergencies
  • Basics of radiation biology and physics
  • Basics of radiation protection

From the training time you can 12 months in the areas of immediate patient care and / or be credited in nuclear medicine. A further 12 months can be credited towards advanced training courses in the area. The advanced training can be completed in clinics and hospitals as well as radiological practices.
The further training in a hospital or a large practice with the full further training authorization enables a systematic and broad specialist medical qualification. Often larger practices also operate radiological departments in hospitals.

The main methods of examination and treatment are

  • Ultrasound examinations, including Doppler / duplex examinations, of all organs and organ systems
  • radiological diagnostics including computed tomography (CT),
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI),
  • interventional and minimally invasive radiological procedures, thereof
  • Puncture procedure for the extraction of tissue and fluids as well as drainage of pathological fluid accumulations
  • percutaneous therapy for painful conditions

Excellent career prospects for radiologists

The advanced training can be completed in clinics and hospitals as well as in radiological practices.
Due to technical progress and innovative developments in device technology, but also in information technology, radiology is one of the most innovative fields within medicine. Modern radiology not only delivers detailed and high-quality findings, but is also increasingly used in therapy (minimally invasive treatment methods).
Radiologists who have completed further training are in great demand in both outpatient and inpatient areas.
In principle, the following applies: Radiologists can almost "choose" both the region and the area of ​​application.
The further perspective for radiologists is excellent. On the one hand, this is due to the increasing importance of diagnostics in everyday medical practice; on the other hand, more and more interventional procedures are being developed and used in therapy.

The share of radiologists in the total number of doctors is relatively small at around 5%.
Lt. According to the latest statistics from the German Medical Association, a total of 8,246 radiologists were employed at the end of 2016, which corresponds to a growth of 3.5% compared to 2015.

Interestingly, however, there is a significant difference between clinicians and resident radiologists: the number of inpatient radiologists grew by 5.2%, while the number of resident radiologists fell by 2.3%.
By contrast, the number of employed radiologists in practices increased significantly by almost 11%.

This indicates a certain concentration process with stronger sales growth in larger practices, which is accompanied by a significant increase in specialist staff. The background is likely to be the high investment costs due to the complexity of the equipment and the technical pressure to innovate in radiology.

Some structural data at a glance

(Source: Statistics from the German Medical Association 2016, 2015)

Job-related data      201620152015–2016
employed doctors overall378.607371.3022,0%
total employed radiologists8.2467.9693,5%
including women doctors2.8572.7085,5%
active on an outpatient basis3.7873.6962,5%
of which settled2.2812.335-2,3%
of which employed1.5061.36110,7%
including senior physicians6406291,7%
of which in practice at the same time215216-0,5%
Authorities / corporations9193-2,2%
Specialist / focus   
diagnost. Radiol./Radiolog. Diagnosis4.0684.125-1,4%
SP / TG ​​Pediatric Radiology1301226,6%
SP / TG ​​Neuroradiology4814575,3%
TG radiation therapy20195,3%
Recognition of the FA designation46840814,7%
including women doctors20216919,5%


At the same time, it can be stated that radiology is more “male” and “older” than the entire medical profession: the proportion of women doctors is only 1/3, while in the medical profession, overall, almost parity is reached. More than half of the radiologists are over 50, while this group of doctors is around 46%.

However, it can also be seen here that the weights are shifting significantly: the number of female doctors increased significantly with 5% growth in the past year, and the number of specialist medical qualifications by almost 15% (female doctors even almost 20%) compared to the 2015 year-on-year comparison. 2016 indicates a clear tendency towards the rejuvenation of the occupational group.

Personal data2016proportionally
Total radiologists8.246 
including women doctors2.85734,6%
including doctors5.38965,4%
Doctors in total378.607 
including women doctors175.90146,5%
including doctors202.70653,5%
age structure  
of these 34 - 49 y.3.73845,3%
of which 50 - 65 y.4.50854,7%
Doctors in total  
of these 34 - 49 y.203.28853,7%
of which 50 - 65 y.175.31946,3%

Attractive salaries

The salary of radiologists in hospitals and clinics depends mainly on the position.
The salaries are regulated in collective agreements. The tariffs in the public, church and private sector do not differ significantly.
When determining the salary, the number of years of employment is taken into account, in addition to the basic salary, service allowances and other fringe benefits are added.

  • Assistant doctor salary: € 50,000 - € 85,000, an average of around € 68,000
  • Specialist salary: € 70,000 - € 95,000, an average of around € 85,000
  • Senior physician salary: € 90,000 - € 180,000, an average of around € 115,000

While the salary figures for resident doctors do not differ significantly from the average (the specialty hardly suffers from a shortage of further training assistants due to its attractiveness) and the specialist salaries in the clinic sector do not yet differ very much, the specialist salaries of radiologists in the private practice are usually not the same as those in clinics to compare. Typically, the senior physician ranges (depending on professional experience, specialization, region, etc.) should be used as a basis.

The wide spread among senior clinicians (including AT salaries) does not only - and often not even primarily - depend on the specialty, but above all on the type of clinic (acute clinic / rehabilitation clinic) and the size and performance profile of the establishment.

Senior physicians or chief physicians in radiology earn significantly more. This is also due to the fact that the net surpluses of private practice radiologists are among the highest incomes in the private practice area.

According to the latest analysis by the Federal Statistical Office (figures from 2015), the average gross profit (comparable gross income) of a resident radiologist is € 373,000 - almost twice as high as the average income of a resident specialist (€ 190,000).
According to a Kienbaum study from 2014, the average head physician salary in radiology was around € 340,000, which is over 20% above the average for all chief physicians. In the meantime it is more likely to be between € 360,000 and € 380,000. The spread of the head physician's income in radiology is extremely wide. While according to the Kienbaum study, 25% of their incomes were below € 141,000, 25% of their colleagues earned more than € 400,000.

Lots of vacancies

There are many vacancies in almost all regions and positions in the outpatient sector as well as in clinics and hospitals.
At valmedi, radiologists can filter job offers by position and region and apply directly.
Interested parties can use the job alarm clock to store an e-mail and valmedi will inform you immediately when new job advertisements are published in this area.