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What is a light wave clock? How light wave clocks work

"Photodynamic clock" is a clock with a built-in system that converts light energy into electrical energy. Since it uses batteries that do not need to be thrown away,replica watches limited earth resources can be saved and pollution reduced. It is a really environmentally friendly product.

What is a light wave clock?
Via the built-in radio wave receiver and the watch's antenna, the solar-powered radio wave watch receives the radio wave "standard time" sent by the transmitter mast, receives data such as the time and calendar and automatically corrects the time and date of the watch. The standard time signal uses a highly precise and highly stable cesium atomic clock as a signal source with an error of one second in 100,000 years.
Lightwave watches outperform the old foreign brands like Vacheron Constantin, Polaroid, Rolex, and Omega. Citizen's radio wave clocks all use light kinetic energy technology and use any visible light source as an energy drive.fake watches As long as there is light there is energy and as long as the radio waves can be received there will never be errors. The first solar powered radio wave clock was developed by Citizen in Japan in 1995. The market price is between 2000 and 5000 models. Of course there are also other brands and names such as Casio’s, which are referred to as Solar Electric Wave Watch.

Principle of the light wave clock
The standard radio wave signal is calculated and converted into a time display according to the transmitted waveform signal containing “time code”.
1. The so-called “time code” consists of time elements such as “year, month, day, week, hour, minute and second” and this signal is then received by the receiver of the watch.
2. The receiver converts the received signal into the clock's time pulse signal.
3.Compare the clock's pulse signal with the newly received pulse signal to correct the time incorrectly,rolex replica so that the clock is always accurate.
The standard time radio wave signal was established by the National Time Service Center (NTSC), a subsidiary of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, in Yucheng County, ** City, Henan Province. The signal area covers most of China, ** and ** and other remote areas. Cannot receive it temporarily. In the western regions of North Korea, South Korea and Japan, the radio wave signal transmitted by the tower can also be received.

How does the light wave clock receive information?
a. Press the button to forcibly receive the signal: if the user deems it necessary, he can manually receive the signal at any time to correct the time and date of the watch. The time it takes to receive the signal varies depending on the environment. The signal is strong and stable, and the receive time can be completed in about 2 minutes. If the signal is weak and the environment is not good, it will take about 15 minutes.
b. Automatic timing reception signal: The automatic timing reception time set by the Citizen Eco-Drive radio wave meter must be received once at 2 a.m. or 4 a.m. During this time, the standard radio wave signal receives less interference. If reception is successful at 2 a.m., it will no longer be received at 4 a.m. If reception fails at 2 a.m., it will automatically be received again at 4 a.m.
c. After the battery is empty and stopped,fake rolex the watch will automatically receive the signal after charging and restarting.

How can you judge whether the reception is successful?
When the second hand moves to an “H, M, or L” position, it means that reception is successful. The reception of radio waves is affected by environmental and weather conditions. It cannot be received if there are obstacles. If reception fails, the second hand will point “NO”. At this point, please change the receiving location or adjust the receiving direction (towards Henan) and then force reception.
"Photodynamic clock" is a clock with a built-in system that converts light energy into electrical energy. Using batteries that do not require disposal can save limited earth resources and reduce pollution. It's a really environmentally friendly product. In 1996 he received the first "Environmental Product Mark" certification in the watch industry in Japan
In 2001 it received its first certification as a

"Environmental labeling product" in the Chinese watch industry. Not only has it recognized the “light-powered clock”, the rechargeable batteries no longer use harmful metals such as mercury and cadmium. In addition, the manufacture of product materials avoids the use of other harmful substances such as fluorine and has met various strict standards.
Can a radio wave watch bought in China use the signal from a foreign transmitter? The frequency of the signal transmitted by each signal tower is different. Some of the solar-powered radio wave meters sold in the Chinese market can only receive the standard time signal from the Henan ** radio wave transmitter mast. However, the Citizen Eco-Drive radio wave clock that can automatically adjust the world time has been sold in overseas markets and is now being introduced in China. This type of watch can perform multi-burst reception. Just select the city name of the country,watch replica in which it is located. You can retrieve the radio wave signal transmitted by the nearest signal tower and automatically adjust it to the local standard time. This is suitable for business people who frequently travel internationally.

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