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You probably know that - you order a delicious Asian food package online and get a couple of wooden chopsticks as a gift. What is completely normal in large parts of Asia is hardly done in Korea. While other peoples make their cutlery out of wood or bamboo, metal cutlery is used almost exclusively on the Korean peninsula.

This goes back to the early imperial era, when important politicians could easily be poisoned by holding the wooden sticks in the poisoned liquid long enough. It soaked up with it and during the meal it got through the lips into the human circulation. A devastating effect that had to be counteracted quickly.

Korean chopsticks have been preserved in metallic form over time. Simply because they offer so many practical advantages.

Korean chopsticks offer these advantages

  • They are sustainable for the environment because they are made of metal and can therefore be reused.
  • The metal is very easy to wash off - it is usually dishwasher-safe.
  • The Korean chopsticks are extremely durable and robust.
  • Their metal is heat-resistant, so you won't burn your tongue or lips on it.
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As you can see in the individual pictures, Korean cutlery doesn't just consist of a pair of chopsticks. There is also a spoon with which to shovel the rice out of its small bowl. They are simply arranged next to each other to the right of the main course. If you don't eat soup, but a dish in which rice is the main meal, you are to the right of the small rice bowl.

Do not forget: The side dishes and thus also the prepared meat or seafood are always viewed as a side dish to the rice.

What you should definitely not do with Korean chopsticks

  • If you fall on the floor in a restaurant, ask for new cutlery. At home you can of course just wash them off briefly.
  • Never stick the chopsticks upright in soup or rice. In Korea that has to do with the cult of the dead and has nothing to do with the table.
  • Do not use cooking chopsticks to eat - they can be easily recognized by the fact that they are too long. Conversely, if you use normal chopsticks for cooking, you can of course also eat with them.

Interesting additional products to the Korean cutlery

If you want some support at the beginning, you can use classic children's chopsticks or their attachments. They prevent the chopsticks from slipping off and being separated from each other!

But that brings us to the next point:

So you eat with chopsticks

How you handle the spoon should of course be clear. Many beginners, on the other hand, have problems with chopsticks because they are simply not used to handling them.

  • A stick lies between the thumb and forefinger and is held by the bent ring finger. It is not moved while eating.
  • The second stick - the one that is moved to eat - is pressed by the thumb against the index finger and rests on the tip of the middle finger. In principle, you hold it like a pen.

Still unclear? Check out the following video and practice a little:

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