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The best flight simulators for the PC: Free to download

You don't have to spend any money on good flight simulators. In the vastness of the Internet there are some games with which you can make the digital airspace unsafe completely free of charge. We introduce you to some great simulators and free games in which you can prove your skills as a virtual pilot.

Free flight simulators: Hobby pilots get their money's worth here

Simulators have been in vogue for years, fields are diligently cultivated from the screen, trains are controlled and trucks are driven. Even goats and the red light district are not immune to digital implementation as a simulation.

Flight simulation was and still is a classic of this genre. Most people are usually unable to conquer the skies on their own, so it's no wonder that this would like to be modeled in the form of a PC simulation. We have rummaged through the range of flight simulators and here are some interesting implementations.

Our tip: FlightGear for Windows, macOS and Linux

The open source flight simulator FlightGear has been one of the absolute genre giants for almost 20 years. Anyone who survives the installation process and setup unscathed will receive a first-class game with the free simulator, which is particularly impressive with its enormous range of aircraft: FlightGear has over 500 aircraft models ready for the inclined hobby pilot, including since the most recent update a real NASA space shuttle.

Another positive aspect is the cross-platform development of FlightGear. The simulator is available as a free download for Windows, for macOS and for Linux.

In need of a little more action? Flight simulation in historical war planes

If you are looking for a little more action, you should also try the following titles. With the Free2Play games War Thunder and World of Warplanes as well as with the DCS Digital Combat Simulator, your feet won't fall asleep even on long-haul flights.

Strictly speaking, War Thunder is more of an action game than a flight simulator. However, flying historical planes plays a crucial role in the game. Because a large part of the PvP battles are fought in the air. Also of interest is War Thunder's level system, which you can use to improve your aircraft as you progress.

The "Digital Combat Simulator" is a real military flight simulation which, in addition to the obligatory multiplayer mode, also has an interesting single player campaign. In contrast to War Thunder, however, with DCS you should plan some time before you can swing your way through the air without an accident: The controls are quite complicated.

World of Warplanes is also very action-packed. In the Free2Play title you measure yourself against many other pilots from all over the world, so the action MMORPG is not for the faint of heart.

Download: exciting flight simulators

Flying with Google: GEFS Online and the flight mode in Google Earth

If you like to struggle with significantly less turbulence in the form of hostile opponents, you should give GEFS Online a try. The real flight simulator is played directly in the browser and has an interesting multiplayer mode. The big plus point of GEFS Online is the simple control, which can be learned very quickly. However, you don't exactly expect a fireworks display of performance in the browser game: The game is quite sedate and the graphical implementation looks a bit old-fashioned.

Our flight simulator insider tip is more realistic: The virtual globe Google Earth has its own flight simulator. With this you can do your laps around the world in the most beautiful cockpit optics. If you also have VR glasses, you should definitely try Google Earth VR. There is no more breathtaking simulation of flying.

Fly with the help of google

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