Show people with a high IQ


There are many different definitions of giftedness. The simplest of these, which has nothing to do with classical intelligence, merely states that someone is very good at a certain area. It can be football, violin or chess.

Usually one applies gifted person as someone with a very high IQ. Sometimes someone is referred to as gifted who is not only very intelligent but also creative and easily finds solutions to practical problems.

The definition of GiftednessWhat we believe best fits our objectives is that someone should be considered gifted if he or she achieves a very high IQ test score. Mostly an IQ test result of 130 is used here as the threshold value. Only 2.5% of the population achieve such a high result. According to this definition, there are around 125 million gifted people out of 5 billion people in the world.

People with such high IQ test scores also often share some physiological traits with one another:

  • Sensual stimuli are quickly recorded and processed;
  • Thinking takes place in parallel processes and images;
  • Large amounts of knowledge are linked and processed in an efficient manner.

Is it always nice to be gifted?

A high IQ is certainly a great advantage: you simply have better opportunities in school and career. However, giftedness also has disadvantages. If a child is gifted, it does not automatically mean that they always have good grades in school.

Some children show performance that is below their potential because they do not want to stand out from others or because their parents have a negative attitude towards school and education. Or the child may be bored at school because there is no intellectual challenge or motivation to work hard.

Gifted adults often feel misunderstood by others and have difficulty finding a similarly gifted partner.

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