Why do people run away from problems

Why do some people run away from problems?

  • Hello everyone,

    can someone please explain to me why some people run away from their own feelings and problems. close yourself completely inside and let nobody get near you ??

    and through this behavior, destroy everything in terms of trust and love ???

    I really don't get it !!

    greetings longili

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  • no one knows an answer ????

    greetings longili

  • Because some people never learned how to solve problems. Often they have been given an example at home to always follow the path of least resistance. Allowing speech and feelings also has to be learned. Adult caregivers have an enormous role model function here. If you do not notice it because you have never learned it yourself, it is often an endless loop, is passed on from generation to generation, and this pattern is difficult to break.

  • Because it's easier

  • Then you would have to admit to others that you have a problem. But many think they have to be perfect.

  • Perhaps you will get more answers if you describe a specific situation.

    As my prescribers said: if you've never learned some things, it's really hard to get out of there. It is also not customary in my family to put one's heart on the tongue or to address and solve problems by means of speeches. Something that I first had to learn in a partnership.

  • According to science, we humans change for two reasons:

    1. Out of pain (mental, physical)

    2. Out of lust / joy

    Unless the problem causes either one, then the person will not want to make a change. What for? As long as the problem passes me by, I don't need a solution.

  • Hello longili!

    People running away from their problems

    are weak in character.

    The way it sounds with you

    could it be about your (ex) partner,

    who left for fear of feelings!?

    When someone doesn't know each other or doesn't want to get to know each other

    and therefore cannot love and accept

    how is he supposed to be able to do that with another (you)?

    That will not do.

    Best wishes

  • People running away from their problems

    are weak in character.

    As it sounds with you

    But that's a thesis ... I think it's awesome.

    In my opinion, the inability to face problems has nothing, nothing to do with character.

    If a person has not learned to look at problems and later does not learn how to do it, then he has a deficit in this one area.

    But that's all.

    I agree

  • People who run away from their problems are weak in character.

    That is too blatant for me and suggests that you have already had problems in this regard, either with your partner or with yourself.

    For me, weak of character means: derogatory, willful, malicious, almost pathological ... what does this term mean for you? Do you have another definition of weak character?

  • You can see how you want

    A person can only be complete

    if he stands by his own weaknesses and mistakes,

    that also belongs to me

    to face problems.

    Because everything is related to everything

    and man is a complex being,

    there can be no separate "areas" or the like.

    Problems hold up a mirror to unbalanced people

    not everyone can stand the sight.

    P.S. I don't think that everything in life is "conditioned". I'm not a behaviorist.

    There is a lot of personal responsibility involved

  • I don't define "weak in character" as malicious, perfidious, lousy ... etc.

    This is a weak attitude for me

    e.g. if you don't stand by things,

    so cannot "tackle" problems.

    I also call it "weak in character", for example,

    when you can't leave the opinion of others as it is

    and tries to complain about it

    until it corresponds to your own ideal.

    Intolerance is weakness.

    If you are to be left as you are

    then leave others like this for the time being

    as they are.

    Many greetings

  • I think many are just afraid to pose their problems and feelings, because often decisions have to be made that are not easy, or you just don't want to see what you feel ...

    Then the bouquet comes out ... just hide your head, it goes away by itself ...

  • many find that not facing up to your own problems and feelings is an easier way not to get hurt. They distance themselves, so to speak, from all people who can possibly betray or disappoint you at some point.

    the advantage of not being hurt is more important than the disadvantage of never being able to really love and trust someone.

    well, so much for my opinion.

  • Thank you for your answers!

    I should actually describe it in more detail, but I just can't find the right words!

    I'll think about it and get in touch later!

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