What is Cuban Chinese Cuisine

Cuba has a rich cuisine that has emerged from the island's multi-layered history of emigration. New restaurants are constantly opening. Cuba Private Travel has more than 15 years of experience. We can help you get reservations at the best, newest restaurants and immerse yourself even deeper in the island's food culture.

Indigenous people (Taino, Guanahatabey and Siboney), Spanish colonial masters (especially from Galicia and the Canary Islands), French slave owners from Haiti, Chinese, Jewish, Arab and American migrants have all shaped Cuba.

“The best roast pork on buns is on the way east. If I travel in this direction I cannot resist stopping or I will make a special detour ”

Raul Naranjo

Operations Director - Cuba Private Travels Team

The many paladares (private restaurants) in Havana offer the full range of the Cuban gourmet experience, from the raw, local earthiness of classic Creole cuisine to the finest sirloin with shrimp and celery mousse. Locals go to their favorite café, Cubano, which prepares their intense coffee with five heaping tablespoons of sugar and a cup of water to create a sooty, dark, smoky-sweet energy drink.

Havana's Paladar (private restaurant) scene is developing rapidly. Private restaurants have been licensed in Cuba since the 1990s. However, due to the high taxes and regulations as well as the lack of management skills and lack of ingredients, most of them weren't particularly inspiring at first. However, since Raúl Castro promoted private restaurants by, for example, increasing the number of seats allowed from 12 to 50 and 100, the overseas chefs slowly returned, this time with know-how and capital to finance the new local projects.

“My favorite restaurant in Havana is Jibaro, a small modern restaurant in Old Havana, with excellent cocktails with and without alcohol and delicious food. One Saturday a month they organize a day for children to revive traditional street games with the neighborhood kids. "

Ivett Rodriguez

Operation - Cuba Private Travels Team

To understand the changes, Cuba Private Travel can get you to meet these entrepreneurial restaurateurs and the small organic farmers who serve them. Most likely, they are also expecting a feast of freshly prepared ingredients. The trick is knowing who to ask! While Havana's newfound culinary sophistication hasn't spilled far beyond the city limits, we know where to go if you want to explore the big island's rich Creole, indigenous cuisine. Regardless of whether it is the latest trend, the most respected restaurateurs on the island, we can always get you a table. Exciting openings also illuminate Trinidad, an iconic colonial city in a fertile strip of mountains and seas on the south coast.