Many Germans read Goethe

4 literature

to depend on something - here: being dependent on something

Horror (m., Singular only) - here: books that are scary

Non-fiction (n.) - a book that deals with a specific topic

Drama (n.) - Text that is written primarily for the theater

Thriller, - (m., From English) - here: book in which a lot of tension is generated

fist - here: title of a work by Johann Wolfgang v. Goethe

Classic, - (m.) - here: books that have been read for many generations

Genre, -s (n.) - type; Variety; Genre of a book z. B. Roman; Non-fiction; Thriller etc.

Publisher, -e (m.) - a company that publishes books

Author - person who writes books

Bookstore, -en (f.) - a shop where you can buy books

to advise - help to make a decision; to give an advise

mainly - especially

Fiction (f., Singular only) - entertainment literature

talk to one another / be entertained - here: have a good time

demanding - here: in such a way that one has great expectations

Everyday life (m., Only in the singular) - the daily life

to break out - here: forget everyday life

curriculum - as something is in the curriculum

Brecht - Bertolt Brecht, German writer and playwright

Abitur, -e (n., Mostly singular) - Final exam at the grammar school

Subject, subjects (n.) - a specific item; a certain matter

to estimate something - judge something; think about something in a certain way

do someone good - be positive for someone

Grass (n.) - here: green area; Meadow

Talent, -e (n.) - the special ability; the fact that you are very good at something

Charm (m., Singular only) - the attractiveness of a person

have stayed - be here