What is the longest cruise in time

Cruise on the longest river in the world - 15 days

With its approximately 6650 kilometers, the Nile is considered to be the longest river on earth. Did you know that today's name comes from the ancient Greeks who called the river "Neilos"? Even today it is the main artery of Egypt, supplies almost the entire population on its banks with water and thus transforms the barren desert landscape into a green, blooming oasis. Without the Nile, Egypt would not be what it is. It served as a waterway and transported food, livestock or building materials through the country. But even today you travel on the Nile - on board a comfortable cruise ship. Slowly the green banks pass you and you can hardly decide what fascinates you more: the breathtaking landscapes, the dunes or the impressive historical buildings.
Get on board and enjoy the trip from Cairo to Aswan, because only a few ships cross the "whole Nile"!

Day 1: Arrival Hurghada - A
You start your journey today by plane to Hurghada. After the reception by the tour guide, you will spend the first night in Hurghada.

Day 2: Cairo - B / D
The transfer takes you to your ship in Cairo today. The Coptic Quarter is particularly well known as it has many churches and synagogues. Embarkation on your Nile ship.

Day 3: Cairo - Giza Pyramids & National Museum - B / L / D
A highlight right at the beginning of the trip: the pyramids of Giza! The three pyramids and the Spinx are true masterpieces of the architecture of the time. You can then visit other treasures in the Egyptian National Museum, such as the treasures of Tut-Ench-Amun. In the afternoon you can visit the Khan-El-Khalili-Bazaar (not included in the excursion package, approx. € 30 p.p.)

Day 4: Nile cruise - Beni Suef - B / L / D
Today the time has come: Your ship casts off and today it goes upstream through Lower Egypt. Enjoy the passing Nile landscape.

Not in the excursion package: Pyramid route with a visit to the 6 pyramids of Dahshur, Maidum and Lahun (not included in the excursion package approx. € 60 p.p.)

Day 5: Beni Suef - river trip - Minia - B / L / D
Enjoy the relaxed ride on the sundeck while the beautiful Nile landscapes pass you by!

Day 6: Minia - Tell El-Amarna - Tuna El-Gebel - B / L / D
Today you will first see the remains of Akhenaten's capital, Tell El-Amarna, where Queen Nefertiti also lived. The grave of the Akhenaten royal family can be found in Wadi Darb El-Melek. In the afternoon you will visit Tuna El-Gebel, the city of the dead.

Day 7: Minia - Beni Hassan - B / L / D
In the morning, a visit to the rock tombs of Beni Hassan is on the program before the afternoon relaxes on board. You continue to cross upstream of the Nile.

Day 8: Sohag - Abydos - B / L / D
Your ship continues to cruise through Middle Egypt to the south. After passing Assiut, visit the temple complexes of Abydos. The temple of Seti I with its reliefs is particularly worth seeing!

Day 9: Qena - Dendera - Luxor - B / L / D
Today your ship will pass the lock in Nag Hammadi. You will then stop in the Upper Egyptian city of Qena and visit the Hathor Temple of Dendera, a temple complex from the Greco-Roman period.

Day 10: Luxor - Edfu - Aswan - B / L / D
In the early morning we continue towards Aswan. Then a visit to the famous Horus Temple in Edfu is on the program. The Horus Temple in Edfu is "only" 2000 years old, but has been completely preserved and is one of the greatest experiences in Egypt. Sparrowhawks describe their eternal circles in a sparkling landscape - their mythical ancestor is the falcon-shaped Horus, lord and patron of the temple.

Day 11: Aswan - Lake Nasser - B / L / D
After seeing the Dam of Lake Nasser, you will come to the Philae Temple. This is dedicated to the goddess Isis. The temple was dismantled from the neighboring island of Philae by 1980 and rebuilt stone by stone on the higher island of Agilkia, as it was threatened by the water of the dam. Afterwards you take a boat trip to the botanical garden.

Day 12: Aswan - Kom Ombo - B / L / D
In the morning you have the opportunity to visit the spectacular temples of Abu Simbel (not included in the excursion package, approx. € 89 p.p.). In the late afternoon you will visit the double temple of Kom Ombo. Kom Ombo, the small town lies in the middle of a 640 square kilometer large plain, the center of sugar cane cultivation. 50,000 Nubians were settled here, their old villages sinking into the Nasser reservoir above Aswan. Crocodile mummies are kept in the double temple of Ptolomae Haroeris and Sobek.

Day 13: Esna - Luxor - Karnak - B / L / D
In the middle of Esna is the late Ptolemaic-Roman temple of Khnum. After your ship arrives in Luxor, visit the Karnak Temple, where the sun god Amun-Re was worshiped for almost two thousand years.

Day 14: Luxor - Valley of the Kings - B / L / D
Today another highlight of your trip is on the program: the Valley of the Kings with the resting places of the powerful pharaohs of the New Kingdom. The detailed depictions and "underworld books" on the walls speak of faith and hope. The fine paintings and reliefs in the graves of the high dignitaries reflect the life of that time. In the fascinating terrace temple of Queen Hatshepsut you will learn about the famous expedition to Punt. Past the huge Colossi of Memnon, the stone guardians of the city of the dead, which were once admired by Emperor Septimius Severus, you return to the ship.

Day 15: Transfer & journey home - F
In the early morning it's back to the airport to travel home!

The ships
Please note that no fixed name of the ship can be given when booking the trip. The ships are assigned at short notice and depend on the capacity utilization.

THE SHIPS: The Nile ships are ships of the SRG premium class, which can be classified as 5 stars in the national category. They offer a high level of comfort and comply with current international safety regulations. They have 4 or 5 decks, a large sun deck, a pool, a restaurant, a bar, a shop and are fully air-conditioned.
LIFE ON BOARD: So that the entertainment value is not neglected and a cozy, informal holiday atmosphere arises, there are regular dance evenings, lectures or folklore evenings. Casual clothing is recommended. The guest structure on board consists mainly of German guests, but international groups are also to be expected. The currency on board is the Egyptian pound (euros are accepted).
YOUR CABIN: All cabins are located outside and are very spacious, depending on the ship, the cabins are between 14-18 square meters. The cabins on the lower deck (main deck / Nile deck) have smaller windows or portholes, the cabins on the middle and upper decks have large panoramic windows. The cabins are equipped with shower / toilet, TV, adjustable air conditioning, music channel, ship telephone, refrigerator / minibar.
SERVICES INCLUDED: Rich breakfast buffet, multi-course lunch and dinner based on European cuisine. Afternoon coffee / tea with cake and pastries. Another snack at a later hour. Open drinks such as house wine, draft beer and soft drinks are included from 8 a.m. to midnight.

EXCURSIONS AND EXCURSIONS: Excursions for the stops along the route can be booked with the experienced tour guides on board.

Technical details - Nile ships
Number of decks: 4-5
Number of cabins: 30-80 (only outside cabins)
Length: 50-70m
Crew: 60-80 people
Flag: Egypt
Language on board: English, German tour guide on board
The special feature: large sun deck with pool

Excursion packages
Excursion packages:

Excursion package 1:
10 visits € 189, -: Luxor: West Thebes, Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut Temple, Colossi of Memnon, Karnak Temple. Edfu: Temple of Horus. Kom Ombo: double temple. Aswan: High Dam of Lake Nasser, Philae Temple, Granite Sculpture Park, Unfinished Obelisk, Boat Trip.

Excursion package 2:
8 visits € 199, -: Qena: Dendera, Hathor Temple, Sohag: Abydos, Sethos Temple, Minya: Beni Hassan, Tell el-Amana, Tuna el-Gebel. Cairo Maadi: Pyramids of Giza, Egyptian Museum, Old Cairo.

The excursion packages can be booked in advance and payable on board.

Our tip:
You should definitely book the excursion packages. Numerous temples, the Valley of the Kings or the Pyramids of Giza are included! You will be amazed what this country has to offer. Experience great sights on the two different excursion packages.

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