Will orgasms make my vagina tighter

"How can my friend tighten her vagina?"

During an affair, Milo found out why it takes his girlfriend so long to reach orgasm.
Question from Milo (23) to Doktor Sex: I've been with my girlfriend for three years. Nevertheless, it is still as hot for me as it was on the first day. As far as sex is concerned, however, it is relatively closed. In addition, it takes me a long time to come when I have sex with her. She doesn't really like it, because she quickly has pain from the endless in and out of my penis.

It's not up to me that I don't orgasm, because otherwise I can control when I want to come. That impression was reinforced the other day when I was unfaithful to my girlfriend. (I know that's not okay.) The other one was built extremely tight, so I got there quickly.

The day after, I had sexual intercourse with my girlfriend. It struck me that I hardly felt it. There was practically no pressure on my penis. So I think that's why I always take so long with her. What can my friend do to make her vagina a little tighter?

Answer from Doctor Sex

Dear Milo

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Before we get to your girlfriend, a few words about you and your technique during intercourse. By simply shifting the responsibility for your climax onto her and also expecting her to make her vagina so fit for you that it gives you the perfect pressure to orgasm, you are definitely making it too easy for yourself !

Comment now Apparently you can only orgasm if your penis is intensely mechanically stimulated - as you are probably used to masturbating. Men who function like you tend to be immobile in the pelvic area. As a result, the sex is only slightly stimulating for the partner, as only linear forward and backward movements are possible. If you want to give your girlfriend more pleasure, you should develop accordingly.

Practice rocking and circular movements from your abdomen during intercourse. As a result, your penis creates different qualities of friction and touch in your girlfriend's vagina. At the same time, you expand your mobility in the pelvis, which also leads to a higher sensitivity of the penis. And this in turn helps you reach orgasm more easily and quickly.

Now to your girlfriend. If she wants to feel your penis more intensely, which still needs to be clarified, she can strengthen her pelvic floor muscles. This is possible with so-called love balls. They are carried in the vagina - more or less long. Due to their own weight, they have a tendency to slip out of the vagina and must therefore be held by the wearer by tensing the muscles.

But there are also guided pelvic floor exercises especially for women, in which these are described in detail. Yoga, Pilates and Tai-Chi also have a positive effect on the muscles in the abdomen. If practiced regularly over a longer period of time, these forms of training also strengthen the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles.

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