What prevents you from meeting new people

Everything used to be so simple: As a child or adolescent, you had your friends from the days of the sandpit. They accompanied us through everyday school life; they spent many hours together. For some, this resulted in short romances or even great love.

Many find it difficult to socialize as they get older. Those who are still single today often have trouble getting to know new people. You have a job that already takes up a large part of your everyday life. In the evening it is difficult to get up and not rush home straight away and put your feet up. Then you meet up with your closest friends from time to time. There is not much time left to look for the future. BLICK reveals the easiest places to meet new people and how you can get in touch with them.

Approach people - but not pushy

Approaching a stranger takes a lot of effort. But taking the courage together is worth it. Because maybe the future partner is hiding in the next stranger. Or a new good friend.

In principle, however, it is also important not to be too intrusive. That can be a deterrent. Better to check out the environment carefully and adapt to it. There should be a healthy mix of approaching people and not being pushy.

Where you can easily get in touch with new people

What are the best places to approach people? There are many possibilities. For example, many friendships are made based on common interests. Because you automatically start a conversation and have a common topic. Trying out a new hobby that has long interested you is one variation.

  1. Use the Internet: No, not Tinder or other dating apps. Thanks to the many social media channels, it has become easier to get in touch with new people - getting to know each other is so harmless and relaxed. Perhaps this possibility may seem a bit strange, but something can come out of a friend request click.
  2. Find a new hobby: Common interests are a good foundation. Enroll in a gym or Spanish class. You will quickly see that, as in the past as a child, you quickly come into contact with people and make new friends or even deeper ones.
  3. Making contacts from before: Do you miss someone from before? Do you often think of a once good friend whom you have lost sight of? No need to be sad, just get in touch and ask how this person is doing today. Maybe you can find each other again.
  4. Deepen friendships with work colleagues: There are also many potential friends at work who should not be underestimated. After all, you already have a lot in common because you work in the same place. Make an appointment with your colleagues for an after-work beer or go further and find something for the weekend.
  5. Friends of freinds: However, it is best to keep an eye out in your own group of colleagues. Follow an invitation to a party at which you only know a few guests. Talk to the new people on site and get to know some who think similarly to you.
  6. Get a dog: Animals are simple and when they meet one of their breed, they want to say hello without being connected. When walking for a walk, this can also mean making contact for masters and mistresses. So the dog is not only good for your health as it forces you to walk, but it is also a great icebreaker.
  7. Group travel: Join a group tour. Many people who plan vacations on their own resort to it. Such a type of vacation means many new faces and many new contacts that can become more. Because having experienced a trip together makes you weld together.
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Published: 03/28/2019, 9:12 a.m.
Last updated: December 9th, 2020, 10:44 pm