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Include mentoring for young developers and interns on my résumé? [closed]

Do I include this information on my resume?

You should include it if You are applying to a company or position where this mentoring experience would be valuable.

Otherwise, you should leave it out when applying in a place where mentoring isn't a valuable asset that they seek out from their recruits.

Remember, resumes can and should be customized to suit the job you are looking for. So what is on a resume depends a lot on which company you are applying for.

What about my recruiters and probably the hiring manager when they are added?

Again, this depends on where you are applying. So be careful not to include it to make your resume look longer or "better".

In general, however, I consider mentoring to be a quality that will always be seen as useful in any company as it indicates that you can efficiently pass your knowledge on to your employees and delegates.

In any case, for some management or leadership positions, the candidate must be able to convey his or her ideas and convey them effectively to others. Hence, you should have this ability in Consider even if she is suitable for the job.