What are the areas of Australia

Regions: Guide to states, cities, towns & national parks

Tasmania (TAS) - Another world in the south of Australia. Fascinating mountain landscapes, waterfalls and white beaches. Regions, climate & co at a glance.

Victoria (VIC) - Melbourne's cultural stronghold, beautiful coastal stretches and dreamy alpine landscapes. The most important information about regions, weather, time & Co!

Australian Capital Territory (ACT) - On the trail of Australian history. The ultimate overview of the regions, the best travel time & more.

New South Wales (NSW) - The metropolis of Sydney, long beaches, the wild outback and snow-capped mountains. The most important thing about Australia's oldest state.

Queensland (QLD) - variety & fascination: white beaches, tropical forests, barren deserts, high mountains & lively cities. The best in the overview!

Northern Territory (NT) - Aboriginal culture, rugged desert landscapes & tropical oases in the beautiful north. The best information & travel destinations at a glance.

South Australia (SA) - Beautiful landscapes, endless expanses and a relaxed atmosphere. The most beautiful travel destinations, best insider tips, interesting facts and more.

Western Australia (WA) - The fascinating & largest state on the red continent. The most beautiful travel destinations, best travel time & much more.


General information

There are many regions in Australia that are often very different from one another. Since some areas are very large, they have also been divided into sub-regions. Regardless of whether it is scenic, climatic or fascinating in terms of fauna and flora, every part of the 5th continent has something very special to offer. It is noticeable that some areas are larger than the entire area of ​​Switzerland, Austria or the Federal Republic of Germany. On the one hand you can drive hundreds of kilometers through certain areas without the landscape changing even slightly or even meeting a soul, on the other hand it is possible that a fundamentally different environment suddenly follows and a certain place magically attracts countless tourists.

Due to the diversity of the red continent, almost every region has something to offer tourists. The options for activities are extremely varied due to the highly varying conditions of the individual areas (for example tropical north vs. outback vs. eucalyptus forests in the south-west vs. long stretches of coast). Depending on the nature of the area, a wide variety of activities, such as fishing, hiking, surfing, sailing, diving, swimming, climbing or snorkeling, are right at the top of the to-do list of many visitors. Of course, individual preferences are decisive as to which region is definitely to be explored during a down under trip. In any case, one thing is certain: every travel enthusiast should certainly find exactly what suits his interests on the 5th continent.


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