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Whether a state of emergency caused by the coronavirus or just bad weather? There are times when families have to spend more time at home than usual. You can feel overwhelmed at times and that is completely understandable and ok. ๐Ÿ˜Š

We at Milupa would like to be there for you during this extraordinary time and show you how you can survive such phases well. Because we are parents ourselves and we know: With so much time at home, you can run out of ideas for games. Whether corona, rain or vacation - with our tips you will definitely not get bored. From simple handicraft instructions to beautiful game ideas - we bring you an extra dose of fun and variety in everyday life. Read here how you can playfully spend time with your little ones at home and enjoy them. On the game ideas, get set and go!

Crafting with children

The classic โ€˜handicraft ideasโ€™ should of course not be missing in the activity program for the home. This is not only a nice pastime for young and old, in the end (often :-)) something nice comes out, which is perfect as a gift for grandparents, friends & Co. Painting, kneading and gluing - tinkering with children can be so many things. We have already put together a few nice ideas for you. The best: Our handicraft instructions for toddlers and babies can be implemented with the simplest means at home. So nobody has to go outside for this.

The nice thing about handicrafts with children: fine motor skills, creativity, hand-eye coordination, concentration, imagination, sensual experience are fully used here! Discover our great and versatile craft ideas ๐Ÿ˜‰

More craft ideas

Instructions for making a baby rattle

Tinker a rattle quickly and free of charge? No problem! You can usually find everything you need at home. Since babies are not yet able to do handicrafts independently, mom and dad or the bigger sibling are the craft heroes. Making a rattle yourself is really very easy.

You need:

  • an empty PET bottle
  • a little creativity for the filling material :-)

That's how it's done

  1. Drink up PET bottles, clean them, dry them and then everything you can find can go in, from colorful feathers, pearls to baked peas - small PET bottles are great for filling and playing.
  2. Close the bottle tightly with the lid again (safety first) and your little ones have an exciting new, unique and very individual toy.

Safety note: If your baby can already open a bottle, it is worth putting a few drops of all-purpose glue under the lid.

Hand and footprints with DIY finger paint

Painting by numbers? We have a much cooler idea. We therefore recommend that you paint with feeling, especially for smaller children and babies. Means: hands and feet are painted in bright colors and put on paper as an imprint. This is not only a sensual experience for your little ones, the result will also amaze them: Your own hands or feet as prints. If you want to give away the fingerprints and footprints as a gift to grandma and grandpa or if you want to hang them up in your children's room, you can have your child / children make their prints on a canvas. Make sure the paint is non-toxic. If you don't have a ready-made finger paint for children, you can easily make the color yourself for painting.

This is how the DIY finger paint goes:

  1. Mix 100 ml of water with a food coloring of your choice and add four tablespoons of flour.
  2. Stir the mixture until you get a smooth, lump-free mixture.
  3. Fill the leftover DIY paint into a mason jar so that you can use it again later if necessary :-)

Panic that the white kitchen is suddenly speckled with bright colors? You don't need it, finger paint is water-soluble, so it comes off the hand or wall well. ;-)



Little winners: game ideas for your baby

Are you at home with baby? The game program is even less complex with the youngest than with the larger ones. Small children need a little more entertainment than babies - babies don't even know boredom as a feeling.

The little ones have a natural fascination for everyday objects and can therefore also be kept busy indoors.

Babies are crazy about discovering their daily environment. Toys? No need. If you make sure that everyday objects do not pose a risk of injury and that no small parts can be accidentally swallowed, then pots, wooden spoons and packaging are more than sufficient for putting them in and out.

Our DIY idea:

Take an empty container, such as a Milupa can, and fill it with spoons or clothespins. A great clearing and clearing game - which also promotes motor skills and also gives parents a brief opportunity to use some time for themselves. For example, to have a coffee in peace while keeping an eye on the child while they are playing. ;-)

Do you fancy a few singing games?

And if you like to play along: Finger rhymes, singing and movement games are always great, are simple and strengthen your wonderful parent-child relationship. The baby notices that you are busy with him and mom gets a bright smile.
The rocking boat: Put your baby on your lap in front of you and support its head. Take turns lifting your knees and letting the baby rock back and forth gently. The rhyme goes like this:

If the little ship travels on the sea,

wobbles back and forth.
If a strong storm comes along

the ship tips over into the sea.

In keeping with the last verse, let the baby slowly tip back while you hold it tight. The children's classic Hoppe, hoppe Reiter works according to the same principle. Here the baby is sitting on mum's knees again, which are now moving up and down together. The rhyme for this is as follows:

Hoppe Hoppe Reiter

When he falls, he screams.

If he falls into the ditch

eat him in the ravens.

If he falls into the hedges,

the snails eat him.

If he falls into the swamp

then the rider thumps! (in the event of a thud, let the baby tip back carefully)

Clapping games strengthen the coordination of small children's hands. For the very little ones, for example, you can sit across from each other and clap rhythmically to the song or take your baby's hands in your own and clap together, for example to the following song:

Bake bake cake

The baker called!

Who wants to bake good cake

he must have seven things:

Eggs and lard,

Sugar and salt,

Milk and flour,

Safran makes the cake yellow!

Push, push, in the oven

On the last stanza, the hands slide forward.

There are many other great rhymes and songs on the Internet that will make your baby chuckle with joy.

Crawling course in the living room

That may sound crazy now, but how about converting your living room into a small indoor playground in which you build an exercise course? - Your creativity is required here ๐Ÿ˜‰

It's very easy: pillows to crawl over, a table to crawl under, shoe boxes or cuddly toys as obstacles ... There are no limits to your imagination. (Air) mattresses and colorful play tunnels can also be easily integrated into the crawling course, which, by the way, supports the development of your baby in a very playful way. It is only important that you secure everything (such as the edges of the table) and always have the little crawler in view.

And don't worry: you can still clean up later. Enjoy the fun #ime own pace that your baby has with it. By the way: older children will also love this game idea! Make a start and finish point, stop the time and the sports lesson at home can begin.


Game ideas for toddlers

Your baby is no longer crawling and you now need inspiration for play ideas in toddler age? - How about a sorting game? For example, grab a muffin tin, plastic cups or a couple of bowls (made of plastic or metal) and off you go. Your child can then fill the molds or bowls with various objects (corks, walnuts, keys, clothespins, Lego pieces).

By the way, tidying up the children's room can also function as a sorting game. Great idea, right? Assign different toys (stuffed animals, cars, Lego pieces, etc.) to specific groups and matching boxes or drawers. Since children like to do everything together with their parents, teamwork is the order of the day. Your child will learn right from the start that tidying up can also be a game and be fun, and at their own pace. In this way, you can perhaps avoid later discussions when it comes to the topic of tidying up ๐Ÿ˜‰

Cave magic for the home

Building a cave - which child doesn't dream of it? The own little space to retreat to is a real highlight for every child. And it's so easy: From blankets over chairs or clothes racks, pillows, mattresses, cuddly toys, flashlights, a cozy cave is created in a flash, which offers your children a feeling of adventure and security. Build the cave together with your little ones or let the older ones play the architect themselves ;-). Sibling bonus: a baby will be happy to move into such a beautiful play den. And you parents will also be invited to visit ...

You can then use the cave for various purposes - how about, for example, an evening ritual where dad reads or tells a story to your little ones? Or you can use the cave as a common โ€œfamily cuddle caveโ€. No matter what and how, you will find something ๐Ÿ˜Š

Your own cardboard house

Another cool idea your kid is sure to love? - Build a house in the house together! ๐Ÿ˜„ Maybe a big order just arrived? The cardboard is great for recycling - by using it to build a cardboard house for your child or children. The self-made model can be wonderfully designed with the whole family and the result ensures fun for days. Mom draws in the blueprints, dad cuts into doors and windows (preferably with a carpet knife), your little one paints his new home in bright colors with crayons or finger paints. The house can also be used for other games, such as "Cuckoo" ๐Ÿ˜Š

Instructions: Make salt dough yourself

Hand and footprints - whether painted or embossed - are great craft ideas for when you are at home. And also wonderful and valuable memorabilia. Salt dough is also suitable as a basis for the prints, especially for older toddlers. You can even make the salt dough yourself.

That's how it's done:

  1. For the dough, mix two parts flour with one part salt and add one part water.
  2. Depending on the amount of dough you want to make with your family, you can adjust the ingredients accordingly.
  3. Extra tip: For an even smoother result, you can replace a quarter part flour with cornstarch and add two tablespoons of oil.
  4. The dough can now be colored - for a yellow coloring, for example, you can knead in the spice turmeric. Are you more into red, blue, green? With the right food coloring (harmless to health) you will get your result.
  5. The dough is now rolled out, about 5 cm thick.
  6. Now your child can press their hands or feet into the dough to their heart's content.
  7. If the work is to be hung up later, you can now drill one or two holes together in the top of the salt dough with a toothpick or meat skewer.
  8. Now everything has to be put in the oven at 100 degrees for half an hour.
  9. Once the salt dough has cooled down, your child can paint their salt dough artwork as they please.

Always keep an eye on your little explorer so that he doesn't go to the stove.

The result is not the best? Every little masterpiece is - no matter how weird, crooked or unrecognizable - a masterpiece of your little ones :-). So no matter what it looks like, you can be proud in any case ๐Ÿ˜Š Isn't everything beautiful for a mom or a dad that comes from the hearts of the little ones?

But you can also be proud of yourself, dear mom / dad - you give your children activities, games, fun and time together at home - even if there is not always a lot of time because you still have to work or do the household chores on the side ... And even if the result of the tinkering is not perfect and the apartment is not tidy for a certain time - you do it great and quite:

#internal pace


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