Was Jesus a Buddha

Buddha and Jesus - Similarities and Differences

The belief from Buddha or Buddhism is also becoming increasingly popular in the West. Many people seem to find an answer to their questions here rather than in Christianity and the teaching of Jesus. Despite the many differences, Jesus and Buddha also have something in common.

Similarities in the life of Buddha and Jesus

Even if they lived at different times, the lives of Buddha and Jesus were similar in some ways, according to "Geo". Both of them traveled through the country as traveling preachers and gathered a number of disciples and followers around them. Like Buddha, Jesus practiced asceticism and meditation from time to time. According to the Bible, he retired to the desert as a hermit for a while. But there is a big difference in the origins of the two religious leaders: while Buddha was a prince and grew up in a palace, Jesus came from a simple carpentry family.

Similarities in the teaching of Buddha and Jesus

The latter difference is also reflected in the fact that Buddha mainly spread his teaching among wealthy followers and found noble supporters, while Jesus set out to help the poor, helpless and socially ostracized. According to the magazine “Wegbegleiter”, the commandments and recommendations that they both set up have a lot in common, including, for example, charity, renunciation or non-violence. Both also provide a relatively exact path on which “salvation” is to be achieved.

Differences in the teaching of Buddha and Jesus

Here, however, there are also differences in Buddhist and Christian teaching. While, according to Jesus, redemption from suffering and sin can only be granted through God, Buddha rejects the existence of an immortal, almighty God. His path to salvation consists in recognizing the nothingness of earthly existence and in this way breaking out of the cycle of rebirths and entering "nirvana". Believing Christians, on the other hand, are promised paradise and eternal life after death.