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Chinese Zodiac Sign Rabbit-Chinese Zodiac Signs / Horoscope

The rabbit is the fourth of all zodiac animals. Legend has it that the rabbit was proud - even arrogant - because of its speed and always made fun of the ox for being so slow. One day the Jade Emperor announced that the order of the Zodiac animals would be determined based on the order in which the animals would arrive at his festival.

The rabbit got up early. But when he got there there were no other animals to be seen. He thought he was the first anyway, so he lay down nearby and took a nap. But when he woke up, three other animals had already arrived. One of them was the ox he had always looked down on.

Five types of rabbits - which one are you?

In the Chinese theory of the elements, each sign of the zodiac is assigned an element: gold (metal), wood, water, fire or earth. This means that, for example, a wooden rabbit occurs every 60 years.

According to this theory, a person's character is determined by the Chinese zodiac sign and the element of their year of birth. So there are five types of rabbits, each with different character traits:

Type of bunnyYear of birthTraits
Wooden bunny1915, 1975Intelligent, quick-witted and lively, but clever and selfish
Fire bunny1927, 1987Wide-hearted, smart and flexible, with unfamiliar opinions
Earth bunny1939, 1999Honest, direct, ambitious, hardworking, but a bit reserved
Gold bunny1951, 2011Kind, conservative, lively and enthusiastic
Water bunny1903, 1963Meek, nice, adaptable, but a little weak in thinking and principles

More about five elements

Famous People of the Rabbit Year

Famous rabbitDate of birthelement
Albert EinsteinMarch 14, 1879Earth bunny
Michael Jordan17th February 1963Water bunny
David BeckhamMay 2nd 1975Wooden bunny
Lionel Messi24 June 1987Fire bunny

Lucky charm for the "rabbits"

What rabbits should avoid

  • Unlucky colors: dark brown, dark yellow, white
  • Unlucky numbers: 1, 7, and 8
  • Direction of the misfortune: north, west and south-west
  • Unlucky months: the 2nd, 6th, 9th and 12th months of the Chinese lunar calendar

Maybe you are interested in the Chinese New Year? In 2021 the Chinese New Year begins February 12th. February 12th to January 31st, 2022 is the year of the Ox.

Or according to the 24 period theory, "the beginning of spring" is on February 3rd. Click the picture below to find out more:

Personality of the people with the Chinese zodiac sign Rabbit

The rabbit ranks fourth in the Chinese zodiac. Bunnies always tend to do this gentle, calm as elegant and vigilant, friendly and patiently as well as especially responsible to be. Generally speaking, people belonging to the Chinese zodiac sign of the rabbit have a very amiable character.

Honorable gentlemen who belong to the zodiac sign of the Rabbit always treat people politely and with a gentle smile, so that they appear credible and sincere to other people. When they come into contact with anger, they can deal with it in a peaceful manner. When they encounter severe difficulties, they are never discouraged and persevering in trying to resolve the problem. In this way, they may also achieve enviable successes. Women of the zodiac, in addition to their pretty and sober appearance, have pure hearts. Rabbits are loyal to those around them. With two skilled hands, you will have a talent for calligraphy and painting, as well as tailoring and cooking. They have a lovely temperament and are able to prepare everything according to the wishes of others.

Rabbits are reluctant to reveal their insides and have a tendency to want to escape reality. They are so cautious and conservative that they often miss good opportunities.

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Health with the Chinese zodiac sign Rabbit

Rabbits have one generally good constitution. In winter or late spring, when the state of health is a little weak. You should make sure to do more sport to prevent the cold and infectious diseases and eat well every day. In dry seasons you should drink more water to stay fit. In order to prevent skin problems, it is also important to take good care of the skin. Rabbits are advised to do a few movement exercises at home to cope with stress and tension.

Career with the Chinese zodiac sign Rabbit

With a good-natured expression, rabbits are other people sympathetic. A good education and acquired knowledge also gives rabbits the opportunity to have a good career. But rabbits should realize that if they really try, they don't have to give up halfway. People belonging to the zodiac sign Rabbit are for professions in Agricultural sector, the rearing, the Education, Religion, health and Medicine, culture, police and Judiciary as well as the politics well suited.

Relationships with the Chinese zodiac sign Rabbit

Have rabbits good social relationships. Because of their gentle and considerate nature, they are popular with other people. With a good sense of humor, they can turn a dispute into a discussion and turn enemies into friends. They have a gentle disposition and are hospitable, caring and happy to help other people. With their exuberance of love and compassion, however, they can easily get into a conflict of interest. Their lack of determination makes them difficult to cope with emotional problems.

Love Astrology with the Chinese Zodiac Sign Rabbit

Best match: Rat, goat, dog or pig
Least Match: Rooster or snake

Horoscope 2021 for rabbits

2021 will have an overall stable time for the Rabbits, as long as you keep the enthusiasm you had in the past should you get big wins.

The Chinese zodiac sign Rabbit is by nature more hardworking than other signs, and human relationships are usually very good. This year, rabbits are expected to get help from the rich and powerful again, so the chances of promotion and salary increases are still very high.

In terms of financial happiness, there isn't a significant gain for now, so it's best not to invest lightly. Emotionally, this year is rather bland for Hase people. This year rabbit people have to avoid taboos and curses, that is the prerequisite for guaranteeing good health.

Career - 2021 horoscopes for rabbits

Bunnies, whether men or women, by virtue of a strong sense of self-interest have studied well over the past year, and so the performance of bunnies in the workplace in 2021 will be very noticeable - their usual performance should be full of energy.

Bunnies could lose some opportunities or collaborations in 2021 due to various random coincidences, but they will eventually improve with the help of other people.

Relationship - 2021 horoscopes for rabbits

In 2021, the rabbits' emotional side will be perfectly normal. Bunnies are very romantic at heart and may crave love, but this year they don't have enough charm in the eyes of the opposite sex. Even if bunnies are passionate about a relationship, chances are that it will ultimately disappoint you.

Financial - 2021 horoscopes for rabbits

In financial terms, 2021 is generally relatively flat for rabbits. Although the Rabbit zodiac sign is usually good at saving, this year's income will be far lower than expected. Every time you save a sum of money, it will be used up for various reasons. This year everything should be based on good judgment, especially financial management.

Health - 2021 horoscopes for rabbits

In 2021, rabbits should be vigilant about their health. The rabbits are often in a bad mood and you should dissolve the bad mood immediately, otherwise it will easily affect their health.

Monthly Chinese Horoscope for Rabbits in 2021

The Chinese zodiac sign Rabbit in the 1st month (3rd February to 5th March 2021)

The beginning of the new year, namely the first month, is more of a troubled month for rabbits. The plans for the coming year depend on how you conduct yourself this month. Rabbits are advised to adjust their mentality in good time and work diligently to find ways to ensure their development in the year ahead.

The Chinese zodiac sign Rabbit in the 2nd month (March 6th to April 4th)

In the second month it is predicted that the rabbits who are at work will have no sense of achievement: work proposals are always rejected and self-confidence suffers.

The rabbits looking for a job will often run into an obstacle and even have a withdrawal mentality. It is recommended that rabbits stick to the bar. Bunnies, believe that your intelligence is sure to help you find the right job.

The Chinese zodiac sign Rabbit in the 3rd month (April 5th to May 5th)

In the third month, the hare's happiness will improve significantly, and the difficulties of work should be overcome. When rabbits need help at work, helpers will always appear on time.

Bunnies, it is recommended that you learn more during this time and not be selfish.

The Chinese zodiac sign Rabbit in the 4th month (May 6th to June 5th)

In this fourth month, the rabbits' financial fortune begins to increase. Especially those rabbits whose salary has been low up to now and who have always paid will finally get their confirmation this month.

Not only will the rabbits' workplace positions increase, their salaries will increase too. This month rabbits have reason to be in a good mood and their strength will finally return.

The Chinese zodiac sign Rabbit in the 5th month (June 6th to June 7th)

In the fifth month, both the rabbit's life and work will be very full. Although the work schedules are overcrowded, both will be done on time and with a very high level of efficiency.

When it comes to the emotional side, there will be new developments this month, especially for those who are in a secret love affair, and this month you will get a response from your partner.

The Chinese zodiac sign Rabbit in the 6th month (June 8th to August 7th)

In this sixth month, the romantic outlook for rabbits is quite good, and there will be happiness in love. Singles have a good chance of success this month. But for bunnies who already have stable relationships or are married, this is not a good thing and could lead to a relationship crisis.

The Chinese zodiac sign Rabbit in the 7th month (8th Aug to 7th Sep)

In the seventh month, rabbits need to be more careful about their health. Some symptoms will appear this month that could panic the rabbits. It is recommended that the rabbits who are really concerned go to the doctor.

The Chinese zodiac sign Rabbit in the 8th month (8th September to 8th October)

In the eighth month there is a lot of good news for bunnies. During this month, the bunnies can relax, find a place to travel, and calm their moods and adjust their mindsets.

This month is a good month for married bunnies, and there is a good chance that new family members will be welcomed this month.

The Chinese zodiac sign Rabbit in the 9th month (October 9th to November 7th)

When the time comes in the ninth month, rabbits are very fortunate financially and there are plenty of career opportunities at work. Although you are often busy and don't have time to rest, that's a good thing for the bunny.

The Chinese zodiac sign Rabbit in the 10th month (November 8th to December 7th)

In the last quarter of 2021 the happiness of the rabbits increases, the tenth month is a good month for rabbits. Those who graduate will have good job opportunities this month, and they will win the affection of others in the workplace through their relationships and strengths. Bunnies, if you have trouble at work, there will always be someone to help you out.

The Chinese zodiac sign Rabbit in the 11th month (8th Dec to 5th Jan 2022)

This eleventh month is a good month for the bunnies in the field of study. After a year of effort, this month finally shows the academic results that will make the rabbits particularly happy.

Bunnies, it is recommended to really relax during the holidays and not be constantly agitated.

The Chinese zodiac sign Rabbit in the 12th month (Jan 6, 2022 to Feb 4, 2022)

In the twelfth month, no matter in relationships or life in general, after a year of hard work, the bunnies finally feel full again, it is time to slow down, enjoy life and spend more time with family.

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