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Eating in Vietnam - a delicious culinary travelogue

What can you do with rice? This is the motto under which I recently designed the last of my Vietnam trips. Numerous great places later, 2000 km further and surprisingly without extra weight on the ribs, I can summarize: The Vietnamese cuisine is definitely worth a trip of its own. Vietnamese specialties are as diverse as the country itself, eating in Vietnam is a feast for the senses! Read in my Vietnam travel report why Vietnam is considered the most exciting destination for street food in Southeast Asia!

Interesting facts about Vietnamese cuisine

The key word for anyone who wants to understand Vietnamese food is balance. The five elements wood, fire, earth, metal and water are assigned different tastes and colors. A dish is considered balanced when all elements are reflected in it. When you eat in Vietnam you will taste this balance.

Rice is an essential ingredient. Even some types of beer are brewed from the white gold.

Vietnamese food - but safe!

Life in Vietnam often takes place in the streets. A few small plastic stools, kitchen utensils and lots of fresh ingredients: Welcome to Vietnam's famous street food restaurants.

This is what you should watch out for when trying Vietnamese specialties in the cookshops:
Some travel guides advise avoiding street food for health reasons! I mean, if you follow this advice, you're missing out on the best food Vietnam has to offer. If you follow these safety rules, you can keep the risk low:

  • Eat at busy stands
  • Make sure that the meat and fish are well cooked
  • Allergies? Let the hotel write down what you are allergic to
  • Avoid water that isn't served in sealed bottles

Perhaps the most beautiful way to discover the diversity of Vietnamese cuisine is on a street food tour in Hoi An: you whiz from cookshop to cookshop on a Vespa. An experienced guide by your side ensures that you don't have to worry about choosing the street food stalls.

Vietnamese specialties in the north of the country

For more than 2000 years the north of Vietnam was ruled by the great power China. This has also left its mark on food in Vietnam. The dishes in the north are particularly mild here.

Noodles and soups dominate the menus.

Perhaps one of the most famous dishes in the country, it should not be missing in my Vietnam travel report: The Noodle soup pho - actually a breakfast, not to say the national breakfast. At dawn, small food stalls open all over Hanoi, offering delicious, steaming pho. The clear soup contains rice noodles as well as beef / chicken.

Expert tip: The ideal time for a street food tour in Hanoi is from October to March. April to September is in Vietnam rainy season, besides, it's very hot!

Be sure to try a serving of bun cha.

Crispy grilled pork (cha) and rice noodles (bun) are served with delicious sauce and lots of fresh herbs. There is also refreshing iced tea.

Vietnamese cuisine in central Vietnam

Central Vietnam's cuisine is spicier than that of the north. Dishes are colorfully presented and often served with numerous side dishes.

The old imperial city of Hué is famous for its Banh Khoai.

A crispy crepe made from rice flour, which is filled with shrimp and pork as well as numerous fresh herbs, is one of the most delicious Vietnamese specialties that you will try on your Vietnam trip.

Roll summer rolls yourself

Eating the easy way in Vietnam: Summer rolls are the healthy alternative to fried spring rolls. Anything can actually be rolled into the rice paper. Doing it yourself is a lot of fun. Don't worry if it doesn't work the first time - practice makes perfect.

In Hoi An you cannot eat your fill of the lush Cao lầu.

Anyone who appreciates a good roast pork will find happiness here on their plate. Thick noodles (similar to Japanese udon), wontos, fresh herbs and a thick broth are served with crispy pork.

Ban Mi - much more than “just” a sandwich

A clear legacy of French colonial rule. Crispy baguette topped with all kinds of delicacies until it stops.

Ban Mi is served in some variations across the country - but here in Hoi An, the Canadian one has Star chef Anthony Bourdain the best of the best chosen. No one prepares Ban Mi as delicious as the small restaurant Phuong’s.

Vietnam dishes in the south of the country

The south of Vietnam is a wonderful one Fusion of French, Thai and Khmer cuisine. The food is sweeter than that in the north - tamarind is an indispensable part of the kitchen. Baguette, croissant and café au lait are particularly popular here and a welcome change from the breakfast noodle soup.

The Mekong Delta rice-growing region is also known as “the Vietnamese rice basket”.

No wonder people here prefer rice to pasta. Canh Chua, sour soup, is particularly popular. Fresh fish cooked with tamarind is a real taste experience.

Elephant Ear Fish is another specialty of the delta. The fish fillet is rolled in rice paper with lettuce and vegetables and eaten as a fresh spring roll.

Drinks in Vietnam

In addition to numerous types of tea, coffee and beer are particularly popular and often consumed.

Vietnam is a coffee lover's paradise.

Everywhere you will find charming little cafes where people sit on small stools on the sidewalk and watch the hustle and bustle around them. Order one Cà Phê, a strong coffee that is served with sweet condensed milk.

A specialty of the north is that Egg coffee - Here foamed egg yolk is added to the regular Cà Phê. My conclusion: tastes like liquid tiramisu.

The cheapest beer in the world?

That must Bia Hoi be. The beer, which is freshly brewed every day, is only served Bia Hoi in small street restaurants and cookshops. That is why it is often offered under the name “Fresh Beer”. For 2000-8000 VND (about 10-30 cents) you can get a glass with the surprisingly refreshing drink.

Did we whet your appetite? Then plan your culinary trip to the land of the dragon! We'll gladly assist you!

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