How do you value classical music?

7 prejudices against classical music - and why they are not true

We all know these prejudices about different styles of music. We are now clearing up with these. It all starts with classical music.

1. Only old people listen to classical music

You underestimate the people who walk to the Philharmonie or the opera house on the weekend. This group of people not only knows how to live - they also have the experience to distinguish good entertainment from bad. She has already passed the time of club crashes and flat rate parties and knows how to surrender to the charm of a symphony. So they have to be presented with something much better than the events their children go to.

2. Classical concerts are boring

If you mean that you can't jump around in shorts and go crazy doing it, you're right. Your festival equipment is also better left at home at a classical concert. But that doesn't mean that the bear isn't tapping here. Have you ever danced off to Beethoven or headbanged to Mozart in the piano concerto? Never? The time has come.

3. Classical music does not convey emotions

Moment. We go back in time and remember the evening when you were watching a famous movie with your friends and had something in mind at some points. Why was that like that? Not because the actors delivered such an incredible performance, but because the scenes were accompanied by the symphony of great musicians. Great film music is often recorded by a classical orchestra and even managed to get people to go to events where only the symphony is played - without any film. It is the same with the masterpieces of classical music. Of course it doesn't reach the emotional depth of a folk music song, but it doesn't matter, we are also happy with less.

4. Everything sounds the same with classical music

An orchestra consists of around 50 to 100 musicians who play up to 50 different instruments. In addition, there are the composers of the works from different countries and epochs. And the pieces are often interpreted very differently by orchestras. So it's not that everything sounds the same here - the same piece can even sound completely different with two different conductors. Even if only one piano fills the concert hall. Most successful pop songs, on the other hand, will never achieve this wealth of facets that individual soloists provide.

5. Classical music is out of date

Outdated? The word you are looking for is “enduring”! This applies to classical music as well as to the legendary sounds of the King of Pop that have filled every stage for many years. There are also plenty of classical music projects with influences from jazz, rock or pop as well as enough modern artists on the piano.

6. It is challenging to listen to classical music

Is it challenging to lie under a tree in summer? Is it challenging to sip a full bodied red wine? Not? Then it is not difficult to listen to classical music á la Bach or a great opera by Vivaldi. Point. Out.

7. Classical music is only for nerds

It sounds like education isn't great and you couldn't think outside the box. Music is so much more than just the melody and the program that you like. Music is something that can be felt and understood in any language. If you deny this to the classic, you have only fobbed it off, but not dealt with it. And classical music enthusiasts are not nerds or aloof - they are always happy about other people who share their love for the program in the Philharmonie or the opera. The next time there is a concert with an orchestra or great soloists in the concert hall of your city, be brave and just go there!

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